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Welcome to Black Rabbit weed delivery in Newmarket, where you’ll find all you need for a memorable trip down the Rabbit Hole. Order from Ontario’s best cannabis dispensary near you! Get 20% off your first order when you sign up to our newsletter.

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Same Day Weed In Newmarket

Welcome to Black Rabbit Weed Delivery in Newmarket! We offer the finest marijuana products as well as exceptional cannabis delivery services in Ontario.

Who Is Black Rabbit Newmarket?

The Black Rabbit marijuana dispensary is a dynamic company of cannabis enthusiasts and experts, all working to bring top-shelf weed to the Newmarket community. We hope to make all of today’s most popular products available at the best prices in Newmarket. You can even enjoy Black Rabbit weed delivery right to your door through our same-day delivery services. The Black Rabbit marijuana clinic is simply the best choice for weed delivery in Newmarket, Ontario. Come with us, and let’s see how far the Rabbit Hole goes. Our craft cannabis options include favourite products from today’s top brand names. With our vast range of THC & CBD products, there’s something for everyone.

BlackRabbit Newmarket Menu

We offer a full-service, craft cannabis experience for the BlackRabbit weed community. As one of the best pot dealers in Newmarket, we lab-test every product to make sure our goods meet our demanding quality standards. Anything that passes the test is stored in our safe, custom storage facilities. These steps help us live up to the quality standards of the Cannabis Act of Canada, but also to meet our own requirements. Here are some of the fan favourite items you’ll find down the Black Rabbit Hole.

Weed Strains

We believe that a marijuana dispensary is only as good as their cannabis flower selection. That’s why we carry a massive assortment of the best buds on the market. When you explore our selection of craft strains, you’ll find tasty, flavourful, and potent choices for any occasion. Check out our Newmarket cannabis shop to see great pot at low prices.

Marijuana Edibles

Black Rabbit weed edibles in Newmarket are delicious, fresh, and powerful THC goodies. Our edibles selection caters to your sweet tooth with chocolates, brownies, baked goods, weed gummies, and more. You can enjoy all your favourite THC edibles with same-day pot edible delivery in Newmarket.

Cannabis Concentrates

For a more powerful, trancelike trip down the Rabbit Hole, explore our lineup of weed concentrates. We carry potent products like shatter, HTFSE, cannabis oil, hash, and more. BlackRabbit concentrates are powerful, so we suggest taking it slow as you adjust to these potent products.

Weed Vapes

If you want to try something new, why not buy vapes in Newmarket? BlackRabbit takes quality seriously, so we’ve lab-tested every weed vape in our shop. You can count on finding a great selection of top-shelf, pure vape products that are free of any additives. Check out our range of disposable vape pens, pre-loaded vape cartridges, and more.

Black Rabbit Cannabis Locations

BlackRabbit has five Canadian locations, with one shop in Alberta and the other four in Ontario. Our Black Rabbit Newmarket location offers services to neighbouring cities. Besides our primary Newmarket location, our facilities serve the Greater Toronto Area, Durham, and York regions. That includes North York, Brampton, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Oakville, Burlington, Malton, Milton, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Ajax, Newmarket, Bowmanville, Oshawa, Pickering, and Whitby. We’ve even opened a marijuana store in Calgary, Alberta, and are expanding our reach across Canada.

Buy Black Rabbit Weed

These days, you can find many different Newmarket weed dispensaries. We love seeing the community grow, but all these shops can become overwhelming. We’ve heard from many customers that it can be hard to find your very favourite dispensary among all the options. BlackRabbit weed delivery in Newmarket aims to stand out from the crowd with a top-quality lineup and vibrant Black Rabbit community. Let’s celebrate this era of legalized marijuana in Newmarket together.

We Stand Behind Our Products

We only add the very finest products to the BlackRabbit selection. We have high standards, but they help us give you the best pot experience every time. We hope Black Rabbit will be your first choice when you’re ready to buy the best weed in Newmarket.

Customers Come First

We know that community is essential. Our dream for the Black Rabbit community is to build a welcoming, inclusive community that sticks together for years to come. All pot lovers are welcome at Black Rabbit! We appreciate your feedback and support on our journey to be the best weed delivery in Newmarket.

We Want You To Save!

There’s something for everyone at Black Rabbit Weed Delivery in Newmarket. No matter your budget, we have the best, most affordable prices in Ontario. Explore our weed deals, benefits and many other ways to save.
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What Are Others Saying About Black Rabbit?

We invite you to learn about the Black Rabbit experience by exploring current user ratings and reviews about our weed delivery in Newmarket. Check out user reviews on our site as well as through third-party options like Black Rabbit Reddit, Google reviews, CannabisOntario and WeedMaps. If you’ve already taken a trip down the Rabbit Hole, please leave a review about your experience.

Get Black Rabbit Same-Day Weed In Newmarket

It’s never been so easy to buy Black Rabbit weed in Newmarket. All you need to do is browse our digital cannabis dispensary, add treats to your cart, and check out through our secure platform. If you’re interested in our same-day cannabis delivery services, make sure to select your correct location for fast service.

1. Browse Our Weed Store

Explore our digital dispensary, then add whatever seems fun to your cart.

2. Place Your Order

Check out once you’re satisfied with your cart. You’ll log into your Black Rabbit account to track your orders and earn Cosmic Coin rewards at this time. If this is your first time shopping with us, you’ll create a fast and free account at this time.

3. Wait For Your Weed

That’s it! After your order goes through, one of our courier drivers will bring your cannabis purchase to your door within 90 minutes. We’ve learned how and where to buy the best weed in Newmarket, but what if you’re out of town? Whether you’re travelling or live full-time outside our service range, our mail order weed delivery can still send the pot right to your door.

Buying Online With Black Rabbit

Our BlackRabbit digital dispensary is open 24/7 and provides delivery across Canada. The ordering process is identical for mail-order pot as for same-day delivery. Find all your favourite products on our online dispensary in Canada shop, then place your secure order. We’ll hand your package over to Canada Post. Look for delivery within 2-5 business days. The shopping process is similar, but remember that mail order weed and cannabis delivery are two different entities. Same-day shoppers receive their packages on the same day through courier delivery. Mail order customers buy weed online, with later delivery through Canada Post.

Your Safety Matters

We care about safety and public health at BlackRabbit. That’s why we clean and sanitize our shipments before sending them out and why our delivery couriers practice social distancing upon arrival. It’s essential to keep our staff and community members safe while also providing the finest marijuana available.