Jamaican Pearl


Purchase this and earn 65-100 Rabbit Coins!
Purchase this and earn 65-100 Rabbit Coins!

Come get a taste of the islands!  This mellow relaxing bud is the perfect way to make erryting irie.  Not too strong, not too munchie heavy.  This is the perfect bud to smoke and drift off too, day dreaming about some sunshine underneath the palm trees!


Type: Indica Hybrid
Made For: Evening

Nose: Pine, Citrus
Taste: Pepper, Pine
Feel: Mellow, Relaxed high

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What is hybrid weed?

Hybrid weed is created by cross-breeding different strains of cannabis, mostly Sativa and Indica strains. This combination results in weed that contains a balance of the other strains included in the makeup. Thus, the genetic makeup can either be Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant or an equivalent combination of the two.

How is hybrid weed created?

Hybrid is made by cross-pollinating different strains of cannabis while retaining the best characteristics of each strain. Thus, creating hybrid weed helps get the best out of each strain while doing away with the adverse effects of the individual strains.

What are the different types of hybrid strains?

There are four popular types of hybrid strains. They include; Sativa x Sativa, Sativa x Indica (Sativa-dominant), Indica x Indica, and Indica x Sativa (Indica-dominant). The first strain in each combination represents the dominant strain in the hybrid except where the mixture is 50/50.

Can you make hybrid cannabis with more than two strains?

Yes. You can cross-pollinate two-hybrid weed strains to get a hybrid strain that has attributes from four plants. You can then cross-pollinate the four plant hybrid with another hybrid of four plants to get a new hybrid, which has the characteristics of eight plants. Essentially, you can create almost infinite possibilities of hybrid strains.

What are some popular hybrid weed strains?

Some of the hybrid weed strains you can find on the market are; Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, Blue Dream, Original Glue, OG Kush, Chemdawg, Gelato, Wedding Cake and Skunk #1. Recently, Bruce Banner and Skittlz have also become among consumers’ favourite hybrid strains in Canada.

What is the most potent hybrid weed strain?

Chiquita Banana (OG Kush x Banana) is currently the most potent hybrid globally, with a THC of 33%. Its closest rival, Original Glue, has 32% of THC.

What is a hybrid weed high like?

Since hybrid weed is a combination of several strains, the high will feel different depending on the strains mixed and their concentration. But generally, hybrid weed high tends to have a balanced high.

Do hybrid weed strains retain all of the parent strains’ attributes?

A hybrid of two strains tends to retain the attributes of the dominant parent. Generally, the more strain added to a hybrid weed, the more its characteristics will be included in the hybrid. For instance, an Indica-dominant hybrid carries more qualities from the Indica strain than the Sativa.

Are hybrid strains rarer than Indicas or Sativas?

Quite the opposite, as hybrid strains are more common compared to Indica or Sativa strains. Today, most Sativas and Indicas are Sativa x Sativa hybrid and Indica x Indica hybrid, which have genetics different from the original strains.

What is the difference between hybrid and ratio?

Hybrid involves cross-pollinating different strains of weeds, while the ratio is the proportion of THC to CBD or cannabinoids present in a given strain.  ‘Ratio’ is standard in dispensaries and packaging where the #THC:#CBD notation is Indicated on the products to denote the composition of THC to CBD.

Are autoflowers hybrids?

Yes.  Autoflowers are a combination of ruderalis and Indica or Sativa. Since ruderalis flowers throughout the year, regardless of the light conditions, farmers cross-pollinate them with the other strains to form autoflowers to help them grow weed all year long.

How can I choose a good hybrid for me?

A good starting point is choosing a hybrid made from your favourite strain. For example, let’s say if you like the uplifting effects of Durban Poison. Still, you somehow hate its anxiety effects; you can select Girl Scout Cookies as your ideal hybrid because it contains both Durban Poison, which gives energetic effects and OG Kush that helps to relieve anxiety and depression.

Why do people smoke hybrid weed?

Most people enjoy using hybrid weed due to its balanced level of effects. Typically, hybrids give the best of both strains; you essentially get a combination of uplifting and relaxing feelings.

Does hybrid weed make you sleepy?

Not all hybrid weeds produce the same effects. While some hybrids, especially the Indica-dominant strains, will give you sleeping effects, the others that are Sativa-dominant will keep you awake. Generally, the effect you get will depend on the terpenes and cannabinoids in the hybrid.

Are most weed strains hybrids today?

Hybrid strains are readily available and are currently the most popular strains in the world. Pure Indicas and pure Sativas are challenging to come by, but you can still get them if you’re lucky. You can find your favourite hybrid strains at Black Rabbit’s weed delivery dispensary.


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