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Smush Bar 3g


Purchase this and earn 45 Rabbit Coins!
Purchase this and earn 45 Rabbit Coins!

3 Gram Psilocybin Mushrooms Per Bar

These mushroom edibles are handcrafted psilocybin infused smush chocolates. They are the perfect confectionary to propel you to the vast outer reaches of the universe. Smush weed chocolates have very high-grade ingredients. These ingredients include cacao, sugar, and milk. Therefore, Smush edibles blast you off with zero shroom aftertaste and some sweet flavors. Likewise, it also helps you enter the orbits of the ever-growing euphoric cosmos.

Think of smush chocolates as your personal spaceship that blasts you off to a mind-blowing experience. It literally gives you an out of body feel that takes you to your special happy and relaxed place for a good amount of time. Therefore, SMUSH chocolate edibles are your vessel to extreme happiness!

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Smush Bar

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