Wonderland – Blue Raspberry Blast 350mg


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350mg THC – 10 pieces per bag; 35mg per piece.

Remember Gushers? The nostalgic, burst in your mouth, sweet treat of your childhood dreams? These are like that, but for adults. The premium cannabis edible experience reaches its peak when an explosion of tart deliciousness, meets a tasty wave of berry sweetness in each of our Wonderland Blue Raspberry Blast gummies.

For the optimal Wonderland experience, start with one piece and allow at least one full hour before consuming more. 


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1. Are there different types of THC gummies?

Yes, you can find THC gummies in a wide range of types and flavours. Weed gummies are available in all your favourite varieties, including gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy drops, gummy circles, and more. THC gummies also feature many different types of cannabis strains as well as dosages. If you make your own gummy edibles, you can try endless customizations.

2. Do THC gummies get you high?

Absolutely. THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. This substance is what creates the feeling of getting high when you use marijuana. So when you take a THC gummy, youll have a similar experience of getting high as with any other cannabis product.

3. How much do THC gummies cost?

Weed edible prices are starting to drop as marijuana legalization spreads. However, prices can vary depending on your preferences, including potency, quantity, and even where you shop. Recreational marijuana products like edibles tend to be more affordable than medical-grade cannabis. These days, you can find THC gummies at dispensaries across Canada.

4. How do THC gummies taste?

Taste is a matter of personal preference, but if you like standard gummy candies, youll probably enjoy THC gummies as well. Cannabis gummies are made in a vast range of flavours, so theres something for every sweets-lover to enjoy.

5. What are the laws in Canada on THC gummies?

There have been plenty of marijuana-related laws added to the books since the Cannabis Act passed. These laws set guidelines for essential matters like driving while using cannabis and how many weed gummies you can carry with you at one time.

6. How many THC gummies should I eat?

Think of gummies the same way you would any other marijuana product and take it slow when youre starting. We suggest starting with a low dose of between 2 and 10 mg. Then, keep an eye on your reactions. If youre enjoying yourself without any nasty side effects, you can increase your dosage over time.

7. How long do THC gummies last?

As an edible cannabis product, weed gummies are absorbed through your gastrointestinal system instead of through your lungs. THC gummies have a slower onset than most other forms of cannabis. Once they kick in, the effects can last for hours or even days. 

8. How long does it take for the effects of THC gummies to kick in?

In most cases, THC gummies can take 30 minutes or an hour to kick in fully. However, the onset time does depend on several factors. Your unique body chemistry and the gummys potency all play an essential role. If your gummies have a large amount of THC, you may start to feel the effects sooner.

9. How do I make THC gummies?

Start with cannabis oil, ideally cannabis thats been infused with a carrier oil or alcohol. Decarboxylation is the best technique for extracting your THC. Next, add your extraction liquid to gelatin, flavouring, and other ingredients and pour into a mould. Finally, freeze your gummies, and theyll be ready to eat in 25 minutes!

10. Should I refrigerate my gummies?

Commercially prepared THC gummies usually come in carefully sealed containers, so you dont need to refrigerate them. Keeping your gummies cold can change their texture and make them hard to chew. Instead, you can keep your marijuana gummies in a drawer, cabinet, or any safe location thats protected from extreme temperatures. Make sure to keep your gummies away from electronics, hazardous substances, household cleaners, pets, and children.

11. Does warming up or freezing THC gummies make them hit stronger?

No. The THC in your gummies has already been activated through the decarboxylation process. Therefore, you dont need to do anything further to improve your experience. You can freeze or heat your gummies if you prefer, but this might change the taste and texture.

12. Do THC gummies ever expire?

When you buy weed gummies from an approved cannabis dispensary like Black Rabbit, they should have a shelf life of one to two yearsmaybe even longer, if you keep them sealed in a cool location. Store your gummies in drawers and air-tight containers for the best results.

13. Do expired THC gummies lose potency?

The quality of ingredients used in your THC gummies will determine their shelf life. Most cannabis gummies are made with top-quality ingredients. These gummies will last much longer than regular gummy candy. However, if you dont store your gummies properly, you may lose potency in just a few months.

14. Does THC work less effectively on a full stomach?

You should eat something before taking a THC edible for the best experience. If you try a THC gummy on an empty stomach, youll feel strong effects much quicker than you would with a snack. Remember that more THC isnt always better. Eat food with your edibles so you can have an enjoyable high.

15. What could happen if I eat expired gummies?

THC gummies will be at their best if you eat them before their expiration date. Expired weed gummies dont typically attract harmful organisms, but you might experience serious stomach problems from eating expired THC gummies. Theres also a chance that expired gummies have lost their potency.