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House of Glass Shatter – 1g


Purchase this and earn 30 Rabbit Coins!
Purchase this and earn 30 Rabbit Coins!

House of Glass Extracts is a local, Vancouver-based producer of fine concentrates established in 1994 . They claim to have unlimited variety and strains to choose from and their cannabis craft house is at constant work coming up with more. They produce the finest pharmaceutical grade shatter around (75-90% THC).  Through extended distillation, curing and vacuum purging they eliminate all residual solvent and maximize extract purity. House of Glass Extracts have upheld a commitment to quality and a matchless expertise in the creation of concentrates.

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Cabbage Patch [Hybrid], Cadillac Cookies [Indica], Candy Land [Sativa], Captain America OG [Hybrid], Gelato [Hybrid]., Godfather OG [Indica], Green Goblin [Sativa], Hulkamania [Indica], Madcow [Sativa], Mexican Sativa [Sativa], Mickey Kush [Indica], Wedding Cake [Hybrid], Agent Orange [Hybrid], Banana Cream OG [Hybrid], Biker Kush [Indica], Blue Moonrocks [Hybrid], Blueberry Space Cake [Indica], Champagne Kush [Hybrid], Charlie Sheen [Hybrid], Cherry Cream Pie [Hybrid], Chocolate Skunk [Sativa], Colombian Mojito [Sativa], Dank Sinatra [Hybrid], Dirty Girl [Sativa], Dutch Dragon [Sativa], Godzilla [Indica], Gypsy Kush [Hybrid], Harley Quinn [Sativa], Hindu Kush [Indica], Hippie Crippler [Hybrid], Ice Princess [Hybrid], Jack Herer [Sativa]., Jamaican Dream [Sativa], Kosher Kush [Indica], Kryptonite OG [Indica], LA OG [Indica], Lemon Skunk [Hybrid]., Mad Cow [Sativa], Memory Loss [Sativa], Moonshine Haze [Sativa], NYPD [Sativa], Phantom OG [Indica], Pink Champagne [Indica], Pink Death star [Indica], Platinum OG [Indica], Punky Lion [Indica], Rolex OG Kush [Indica], Russian Doll [Sativa], Tahoe OG Kush [Hybrid], Thors Hammer [Sativa]., Tutankhamon [Sativa], Wonder Woman [Hybrid], Zombie OG [Indica]