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Shipping Info

Shipping Information

Shipping Information

What shipping methods are available?

At Black Rabbit, speed is the name of the game. We offer same-day delivery in these listed cities:

Ajax, Calgary (Alberta), Markham, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Toronto, Vaughan, Whitby.

For cross Canada mail order deliveries, XpressPost mail delivery is available.

How long will it take to get my package from Black Rabbit?

For local deliveries, Black Rabbit will deliver your package within 90 minutes of order confirmation. Yep, Black Rabbit is that fast. If Black Rabbit cannot fulfill the order within 90 minutes, we’ll contact you via text.

For mail order deliveries, Black Rabbit will ship within two business days of receiving payment.  Unfortunately, Canada Post does not work weekends and Holidays.  Delivery will happen within 2-5 business days so make sure to check your mailbox! We know you want your goods but please wait the full 5-day delivery period before contacting our service centre for assistance.

Tracking isn’t available at this time but have a question or just need help with your order? Text us at 343-307-5252 or hit us up at on the Black Rabbit live chat at www.getblackrabbit.net during business hours.

What are the shipping fees?

For local deliveries, delivery fee is $10 for orders under $120, and FREE for orders over $120 after discounts.

For mail deliveries, shipping fees are $20 for orders under $120 (XpressPost) and FREE for orders over $120 after discounts (XpressPost).  Please note, XpressPost delivery time is typically 2-3 BUSINESS days and depending on Canada Post, may be longer.

Payment Information

Payment Info

Payment Information

What payment methods are accepted?

For local deliveries, Black Rabbit accepts cash only.

For mail order deliveries, we accept Interac e-Transfers through online banking or payments through Bitcoin.  Payment information is provided in the confirmation email following order placement.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund after already paying?

We do not offer refunds after payment is accepted.  You may cancel your order and your payment amount will be placed on your account as credit, or you may change your order if it hasn’t shipped yet to something of equal value.

How do I send an Interac e-Transfer?

Setting up your online banking is a quick set up and sending an Interac e-Transfer takes just a few moments. e-Transfers can take up to 30-mins to be received based on whom you bank with so please watch out for the “delivered” status on your online banking if you are wondering if we received it or not. If you want to know the process for your particular bank, Google your “your bank’s name” + Interac e-Transfer. Learn more about Interac e-Transfers here: interac.ca/en/interac-e-transfer-consumer.html

I sent my email transfer in but it hasn’t been accepted.

We have auto-deposit turned on so your payment will go directly into our bank. If your financial institution makes you choose a password please use the password we ask you to use. Sometimes it may take us a couple days to accept a transfer that doesn’t get auto-deposited. Please just leave the transfer pending until we accept it.

What will happen to my order if I don’t submit payment?

We will hold on to the order for 2 days but please let us know if you are waiting to make a payment so that we do not cancel it after a few days. All of our products come in limited quantities so it would be unfair to hold back inventory when the rest of our members could be enjoying it promptly.

Is buying online safe?

Yes. Black Rabbit has serviced over 200,000 clients with glowing reviews.

Orders and Returns

Orders and Returns

Orders and Returns

How do I place an order?

Choose the product you want and order through the website. You can leave the rest to us. Black Rabbit will deliver within 90 minutes of receiving your order confirmation for local deliveries and will ship via Xpresspost within 2 business days of payment receipt for mail deliveries.

How can I cancel or change my order?

Don’t worry, orders can be canceled any time up to delivery. If you’d like to change your order, just cancel your current order and place a new one.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Yes. After you’ve selected your items, Black Rabbit will require you to register an account before completing your order.

Is there a minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount is $50 + applicable delivery fees.

How can I return a product?

** Please note returns and exchanges is only available for local deliveries.  We have a no refund or credit policy for mail deliveries.

Black Rabbit’s priority is for you be happy and satisfied with your purchase. If there is any doubt about the quality of our product or if the product simply doesn’t meet your needs, we’d be happy to exchange or refund your order within 48 hours of purchase, provided you can prove that the product is 90% intact. Just send us a photo via text and our sales operators will come to you with the equipment necessary to verify.

If, for any reason, the remainder of your product is less than 90%, we’d still be happy to facilitate an exchange or refund. All we ask is that you pay the prorated difference between the exchange. For example, If the product is only 70% full, we would require you to pay an additional 30% of your purchase price in order to exchange your product for a new, 100% full item. Alternatively, we’d only be able to refund you 70% of your total if you’re returning your purchase.

Who should I contact if I have any queries?

You can reach the Black Rabbit during our operating hours by live chat or by contacting the number found on each city’s page with any questions you may have with your order.

Rabbit Coins

Rabbit Coins

Rabbit Coins

What are Rabbit Coins?

It’s our reward system! When you make a purchase on our website, you can earn Rabbit Coins that can be redeemed for future purchases. Weed, edibles, concentrates, or vape pens are all eligible. Every dollar you spend on our website will earn you one Rabbit Coin.

I prefer to place my order through text message, do I still earn Rabbit Coins?

Unfortunately, no. Our Rabbit Coins will only be tracked for orders placed directly on our website.

How do I earn Rabbit Coins?

Complete your order at Black Rabbit Delivery and earn Rabbit Coins. Once you have received your order, you will see your Rabbit Coin balance updated in your account.

How do I redeem my Rabbit Coins?

Upon checkout, you will see an option to redeem your Rabbit Coins with your purchase. Once you redeem the coins, the new total will be reflected. Note that you need at least 500 Rabbit Coins before you can redeem them.

How much are my Rabbit Coins worth?

Rabbit Coins have no cash value. You can use them to credit your total on your purchase. Every 25 Rabbit Coins is equivalent to $1 discount on your total. For example, if you have 2,000 Rabbit Coins, upon redeeming your coins, your bill total will be reduced by $80.

Can Rabbit Coins be stacked with coupons?

Yes! You will earn Rabbit Coins based on the total you’ve spent on the current purchase. You can also use your Rabbit Coins to purchase on sale items.

Can I use Rabbit Coins to reduce my delivery fee?

No. If your cash total is under the $120 minimum, a $10 local weed delivery fee will still apply.

Can I gift/transfer my Rabbit Coins?

No. Your Rabbit Coins are only for you to use.

If I redeem my Rabbit Coins and return the purchase, will I be credited my Rabbit Coins?

Absolutely! If you use your Rabbit Coins and you need to return or exchange the product, we will credit the Rabbit Coins back to your account.

How do I check how many Rabbit Coins I have?

There are a few ways you can do that:

  1.  In the “My Account” page (mobile view):
    my account menu 02
  2. In the “My Account” page (desktop view):

    rabbit coins menu 02
  3. In the “hamburger” menu (top-right):
    rabbit coins menu 01