Weed Strain Spotlight – Mendo Breath and Runtz

On this week’s Weed Strain Spotlight, we’re breaking down a true hybrid and an indica dominant hybrid – both on the sweeter side of the nose and flavour palette and both great for an afterwork, post dinner wind down. Try these out for your next weekly weed delivery and as always, a friendly reminder that you can order at Black Rabbit’s online dispensary for same day weed delivery – now in Brampton, Barrie and Newmarket and surrounding regions within the GTA. Not in the GTA or in Calgary? Black Rabbit also offers weed delivery Canada-wide.

Mendo Breath


Type: Hybrid (indica dominant)
THC range: 19%-20%
Best for: Night

Okay so this indica dominant hybrid has a distinct morning breath nose BUT it also has accents of vanilla and caramel rounding out the whole experience. Read on if this type of palette roller coaster is right up your alley.

Mendo Breath is a super rare indica dominant hybrid with a lineage stemming from the classic OG Kush Breath and the rare Mendo Montage strains. The Mendo Breath buds are lumpy and popcorn like with light, earthy green nugs, deep orange pistil tendrils and a thick coating of milky white trichomes.

If you’re partial to an instant hit that will have your body and mind tingling after the first few puffs then Mendo Breath is just the thing. With an average THC range of 19%-20%, this potent strain takes you on a mental and physical journey towards a hazy euphoria that starts buzzy, then reaches a sedated couch lock peak. If you suffer from chronic pain, severe cramps or just want to ride a body high that will take you to the depths of sleep, then this one is for you.


Runtz 4 edited 1 1

Type: Hybrid
THC range: 19%-29%
Best for: Afternoon/Evening

You guessed it, this one’s named after the iconic and nostalgic candy. It smells sweet, sour and a little spicy and it tastes just like pineapple and berries so if you were a fan of those fruity and tropical treats then you’ll love this hybrid.

Runtz is a true hybrid originating from the equally as delicious Zkittlez and Gelato strains. The Runtz buds are dense, bright green, sticky once broken up, are lightly peppered with light orange pistils and have a sugary coating of icy white trichomes.

The Runtz high is sneaky, slamming into you after your final toke. The high first caresses the mind lulling you into a gentle calm that makes its way to the rest of the body. As the relaxation spreads, sedation takes over leaving you uplifted but likely immobile until you fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. Thanks to its super high THC average, Runtz is perfect for those suffering from insomnia, chronic stress and anxiety.

How to order

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