Weed Strain Spotlight – Jellysickle, Rainbow Runtz & Greasy Runtz

We’re back with another Weed Strain Spotlight and today we’re highlighting three mouth-watering hybrids that will relax body and mind. We’re only into week one of 2022 but if you already need some calm in your life, these strains will do the trick. Make sure to check our online dispensary for all your cannabis needs and don’t forget Black Rabbit does same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide.

Jellysicklecoming soon!

Jellycicle 3

Type: Hybrid (indica dominant)
THC range: 17.1%
Best for: Evening/Night

Not exactly the sticky sweet you’d get from a PB&J but almost. Jellysickle is fruity, peppery and when broken up earthy and herby. Its taste mimics its scent so get ready for a dank treat.

Jellysickle’s lineage originates from the Purple Punch and Jelly Breath strains. The nugs on Jellysickle are a vibrant grassy green with hints of deep purple hues, a thick layer of amber trichomes and long spindly orange pistils.

Are you stressed? Are you tense? Looking for something to calm and sedate you after a long day (week or even year)? Enter Jellysickle. A few tokes of this hybrid will ease a racing mind and a tired body. The perfect nightcap for those who want to escape the daily grind and lose themselves in a stoney state.

Rainbow Runtz


Type: Hybrid
THC range: 28%
Best for: Night

Taste the…runtz. Rainbow Runtz is fruity, it’s herbal, it’s spicy and sharp – it’s a tasty and aromatic hodge podge delight, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

A true 50/50 indica/sativa split, Rainbow Runtz is the by-product of some famed heavy hitters originating from the Rainbow Candy and Gelato 41 strains. Just like its name, the Rainbow Runtz buds are colourful with nugs sometimes exhibiting pink and violet hues and a thick layer of milky trichomes.

The THC level for Rainbow Runtz averages a whopping 28% so even the most seasoned smokers should take it slow and steady. The high is balanced, starting cerebral and then evolving into physical euphoria. Looking to get straight up sedated? Follow the rainbow to spacey bliss.

Greasy Runtzcoming soon!


Type: Hybrid (indica dominant)
THC range: 20%
Best for: Anytime

If you like your strains fruity with a side of earthy dankness then go ahead and add this to cart. A lip-smacking sugary smoke with hints of a tropical aromatic palette will have you thinking you’re hitting your daily fruit intake.

This indica leaning hybrid originates from the powerful Runtz and Grease Monkey strains, has vibrant dark olive green nugs with deep purple undertones, vibrant orangey red pistils and frosty white trichomes peppered throughout.

The Greasy Runtz high starts in the mind leaving you uplifted, happy, relaxed and creative. The soothing body high comes next and with that, some mild sedation. Thanks to these effects, Greasy Runtz has been used to treat conditions such as depression, nausea and appetite loss.

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See you down the rabbit hole!

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