Weed Strain Spotlight – Ghost Breath and Banana Punch

On this week’s Weed Strain Spotlight, we’re breaking down two deliciously sweet hybrids. If dessert strains are your thing, try these out for your next weekly weed delivery and as always, a friendly reminder that you can order at Black Rabbit’s online dispensary for same day weed delivery – now in Brampton and Newmarket and surrounding regions within the GTA. Not in the GTA or in Calgary? Black Rabbit also offers weed delivery Canada-wide.

Ghost Breath

Ghost Breath 5 edited

Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)
THC range: 24%-28%
Best for: Anytime

If we had to imagine what Casper the friendly ghost smelled like up close and personal, we like to think it would be a little something like this. The nose on Ghost Breath ispungent and dank but it’s also fruity, herbal and spicy. The flavour palate is the same but throw in a hint of tart berry.

As far as origins go, this sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between classic strains Ghost OG and Mendo Breath F2. The bud on Ghost Breath is round with fluffy green nugs, golden trichomes and a thick smattering of wiry amber pistils.

The Ghost Breath high isn’t as heavy as you might expect. Known for its lifting effects, this strain is perfect if you need a little energy burst to get things done. A cerebral, euphoric high is the first thing to claim you making way for a tingly body high that will fill you with energy. Depending on your dosage, the high can bring on a state of sedation and the welcome embrace of sleep. Thanks to the high THC average, Ghost Breath is a great option for treating chronic stress/pain, cramps, muscle spasms and anxiety.

Banana Punch

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Type: Hybrid
THC range: 26%
Best for: Evening

Banana Punch, as one would assume by the name, is great for anyone who loves bananas. This hybrid is in fact a tropical delight with a flavour and aroma palate that consists of sweet pineapple and spicy berry, making it the perfect dessert strain.

Created by crossing Banana OG with Purple Punch, the Banana Punch strain has pretty olive green buds peppered with purple undertones and amber trichomes.

With a THC average sitting at 26%, beware that the high that comes with Banana Punch is a bit of a late bloomer. While the high might take some time to settle in, you’ll know it’s arrived when the happiness and calm hits you. Next comes the heavy body high and often times, heavy sedation too. In addition to being absolutely delicious, this delightful strain is also used by many to help ease anxiety, depression and appetite loss.

How to order

Looking to give the above a go? Remember, speed is the name of our game, and these strains could be packed and loaded into your pipe tonight with our same day weed delivery . Order right now in three easy steps!

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See you down the rabbit hole!

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