Weed Strain Spotlight – Gelato #33

Type: Hybrid (indica dominant)
THC range: 21% – 24%
Best for: Afternoon/Evening

Who needs ice cream when you’ve got Gelato #33. This indica hybrid lives up to its tasty name thanks to its berry and citrus aromatic profile and earthy, woody and sweet mint flavours.

This weed strain was first cultivated in the Bay Area and from the minds of San Francisco breeders, Cookies Fam Genetics, this Gelato varietal has a THC level averaging around 22% and a lineage originating from Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Tasty and beautiful, this Gelato phenotype has a compact structure of dark green and purple buds, wisps of bright orange hairs and plenty of frosty trichomes.

Perfect for the afternoon or evening hours and better than an after work tipple, Gelato #33 starts with a cerebral head high then transitions into a strong body buzz leaving you energetic, uplifted and maybe even a little creative. This marijuana strain is also renowned as an aid for insomnia and for soothing aches and pains.

Available in flower and concentrate through Black Rabbit’s same day weed delivery, come get your scoops!

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