Weed Strain Spotlight – First Class Funk, Hidden Pastry and Meat Breath

Welcome to another edition of Weed Strain Spotlight where we explore a trio of delicious (cake and cured meat anyone?) strains for you to consider for your next weekly weed delivery. If you like what you read below and want more suggestions or maybe you have questions like “how much is an ounce of weed?” hit up our chat bar and we’ll help lead the way.

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First Class Funk

First Class Funk 3 edited

Type: Indica Hybrid
THC range: 29%-33%
Best for: Daytime/Afternoon

The funk in First Class Funk is no joke and it’s named aptly for its super heady stench. The nose is particularly pungent and spicy with hints of grape. The flavour palette is similar but add in some heavy peppery and diesel notes.

First Class Funk is 60% indica and 40% sativa and it’s lineage comes from crossing the GMO and Jet Fuel strains. This hybrid is heavy on the indica effects with THC levels averaging between an extremely high 29% – 33%. First Class Funk buds have dusty green and lavender like nugs, are heavy on the bright orange pistils with equally as heavy milky white trichomes throughout.

The potency in this Indica hybrid is top notch with a strong, extra-long high to match. Mind your dosage because a little will leave you clear-headed, focused and uplifted. An increased dosage has an accompanying high that creeps up on you and once it fully arrives, you’ll be launched into a phase of relaxation and hazy bliss. The body sedation comes next, your eyelids will get heavier and you’ll be asleep in no time. If you happen to suffer from chronic pain, arthritis or severe cramps, this could be your first-class ticket to some serious relief.

Hidden Pastry

Hidden Pastry 3 edited

Type: Hybrid
THC range: 17%-19%
Best for: Daytime/Afternoon

Who needs a baker’s dozen, or dessert for that matter, when you have Hidden Pastry? If you have a sweet tooth, look no further. If you like the sound of a sweet, pastry cream and cakey aroma profile and delicious notes of custardy caramel that will have you asking yourself “is this a danish or is this marijuana” then this one’s for you.

A true 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid, Hidden Pastry has equally delicious parents and was created through crossing the Secret Cookies and Kush Mint strains. The hybrid strain has a THC level averaging between 17% – 19% and has popcorn shaped dusty green and purple nugs with a thick layer or orange pistils and a decently heavy coating of milky trichomes.

The Hidden Pastry high is balanced and a bit of a slow build that eventually pulls you into a state of being uplifted and physically relaxed. It’s the perfect strain if you need an assist in being sociable and therefore is equally as great for treating  social anxiety and other conditions including mood swings, depression and chronic fatigue.

Meat Breath

Meat Breath LSO 3 edited

Type: Hybrid
THC range: 25%-29%
Best for: Evening/Night

Meat Breath might not sound appetizing, but we promise this hybrid is worth the hype. If you’re already a solid meatatarian then this one’s for you. The taste and aroma profiles are potent with notes of spicy cured meat, fuel, earth and even vanilla (because why not).

Absolutely no surprise here but Meat Breath is bred from other strains that have meat in the name and in this case, it’s Mendo Breath and Meatloaf – definitely not your mom’s meatloaf. THC levels for this hybrid strain sit between 25% – 29% and the bud itself has a thick snowy coating of trichomes and long spindly vibrant orange pistils.

Meat Breath has a high that sticks around for hours. It’s a head-to-toe relaxation that runs deep and is accompanied by mood boosting feelings of euphoria. Meat Breath is often recommended for treating depression, pain and fatigue. It’s also great for treating appetite loss so you can expect a serious case of the munchies –  settle in for a long, hungry, body tingly night.

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