Weed Strain Spotlight – Biscotti

Type: Hybrid (indica dominant)
THC range: 21% – 24%
Best for: Anytime

True to its namesake, Biscotti is a sugary and sticky bud that releases a deep cocoa and coffee aroma when broken up and tapers off into a sweet, smooth and spicy finish with a bitter kick at the end of the inhale.

This indica-dominant weed strain is another creation from the Cookies Genetics Fam with its lineage comprising of a winning combination of GSC, Gelato #25 and South Florida OG. With a THC potency averaging at 22%, the bud itself is quite dense with a heavy coating of trichomes and dark olive green and purple hues.

The Biscotti high is cerebral at first and will leave you feeling blissed out and maybe a bit giggly (and a lot hungry). The high eventually makes its way to the body, where it will calm and relax. Thanks to these common effects, the Biscotti strain is often used to quell chronic pain.

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