Weed Strain Spotlight – Animal Face & Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade

On this week’s weed strain spotlight we’re smoking two hybrids that have opposing flavour palates (gassy vs. tart – take your pick) but are equally optimal for mental and physical relaxation. Sound just like the kind of bud you want to smoke this week? Read on and then make sure to check out our online dispensary to place your orders for same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide.

Animal Face


Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)
THC range: 18%-26%
Best for: Anytime

A pinch of pine, a dash of diesel and some sweet sugar and you’ve got the delicious makings of Animal Face. Let’s not forget the earthy and minty exhale to round it all out.

A very rare sativa dominant hybrid, Animal Face descends from the extremely potent Face Off OG (Castor and Pollux would approve) x Animal Mints strains. A delightfully addictive strain (when you can find it), the nugs on this flower are dense, mossy green with bright orangey pistil tendrils and bright amber crystal trichomes.

Euphoria and mental relaxation is where the high starts, then comes the tingles – slowly making their way throughout the body leaving you focused and completely relaxed. Do you suffer from constant bouts of nausea? Have trouble eating sometimes? Intense muscle spasms and severe menstrual cramps holding you back? A couple of deep inhales and exhales of the Animal Face will set you back on track.

Mikes Strawberry Lemonade

mikescrop 1

Type: Hybrid
THC range: 16% – 22%
Best for: Anytime

This hybrid tastes and smells as refreshing as it sounds, we swear it. Mikes Strawberry Lemonade is bright, it’s tart, it tastes exactly like a tall, frosty glass of everyone’s favourite summertime drink but in cannabis form. The quintessential midday pick me up strain.

With origins said to be stemming from the equally as bright and vibrant Lemon OG x Strawberry Cough, Mikes Strawberry Lemonade has small, round and dense forest green nugs with rich dark olive green leaves, fiery orange pistils and a generous coating of crystal white trichomes.

Looking for a reliable, marathon type of bud that will uplift you, energize you and will give you a literal physical and mental buzz that won’t compromise your ability to function? This is it. Thanks to the mild side effects, Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade is great for the days where you want to do nothing, but also the days where you need to get stuff done. The moderately high THC range also makes it a great option for treating chronic fatigue, stress and pain.

How to order

What do you get when you add Animal Face and Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade to your next THC delivery order? A puffing good time. None of the above sound like your jam? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got lots of other premium strains to satiate your cannabis curiosities, just check out our online dispensary and order today for same day weed delivery. Don’t live in the GTA? We’ve got mail order marijuana too and you can order in just three easy steps.

Browse the Shop

Peruse the menus in our online dispensary and if something catches your eye, we list strain properties and flavour notes, so you’ll get a sense of exactly what you’re in for. 

Place your Order

Once your cart is ready to go, proceed to check out. If it’s your first time with us, you’ll need to sign up for a Black Rabbit account, so we have your information on file – it won’t take any time at all!

Wait for Delivery

Once your order is placed, Black Rabbit weed delivery will deliver your goods within 90 minutes of order confirmation. If we need a little more time to get to you, we’ll notify you via text.

See you down the rabbit hole!

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