Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Vancouver to Enjoy While High

Is there anything more beautiful than Canada in the Fall? Today we’re covering the top 5 outdoor activities to do while high in the exceptionally scenic Vancouver B.C. Don’t live in Vancouver? We’ve got a list for the GTA too and you can read that here

You’re going to need some flower for these adventures so don’t forget that Black Rabbit’s online dispensary does same day weed delivery in the GTA and weed delivery Canada wide. As always, remember to enjoy these activities responsibly!

Take a Hike

Hiking was obviously going to make the list but did you know, Vancouver currently has 130 hiking trails?! From the Eagle Bluffs located in Cypress Provincial Park and considered to have the best vantage point on Vancouver’s North Shore to the Coliseum Mountain Hike in North Vancouver which offers views of Mount Burwell and Cathedral Mountain and takes about 10 hours (HOURS!) to complete (maybe don’t do this one high), the trail options are abundant, just like the amazing views.

Pair it with: The Reservoir Expand capsules. Each dose is made with organic Golden Teacher mushrooms and the non-intoxicating formula is vegan and gluten free. Reservoir is perfect for hiking naturally improving mood balance and energy.

Hit the Drive In

For those who may not necessarily be ready to hit the traditional movie theatres just yet, drive ins are the way to go. Pack up your snacks, assign a designated driver and hit up a double feature of Halloween classics at the River District. The Shining anyone?

Pair it with: The Violator. The Violator high starts slow and lazy, warming the body and leaving you buzzy. It’s only a matter of time before it whacks you head to toe with a strong but welcoming couchlock sedation and a really strong case of the munchies – perfect for double feature.

Shop Local

Steeped in rich industrial and maritime heritage, the Granville Island Public Market is a hub for art, culture and food and is beloved by locals and the millions of visitors that flock to its waterfront location each year. From the 50 independent food purveyors cementing the island as a culinary destination to the Net Loft Shops and Railspur District, incubator to some of Canada’s best artists and designers, what’s most impressive is the market is home to more than 300 local businesses and employees more than 3,000 people. Shop local people!

Pair it with: Wooly Mammoth. An excellent daytime strain, this hybrid is fruity, floral and bright and will keep you in the mood for exploring given its nice, energetic high.

Try a Haunted Walking Tour

This activity is a little more Halloween centric but tis the season. The Lost Soul of Gastown Tour deep dives into Victorian Gastown’s dark history. Discover gruesome stories of the Great Fire, listen to the history of George Vancouver and uncover the haunted legend of Gaoler’s Mews while walking the beautiful but unassuming streets of Gastown.

Pair it with: Sugarcane. If you like your strains super sugary sweet then this rare hybrid is just that with a doughy, creamy nose and flavour profile that will linger long after your last puff. A physical buzz will make way for a head to toe calm, something we definitely recommend for a haunted walking tour.

Whale Watching

From March to October every year, thousands of whales migrate through the northern waterways near Vancouver making it a primo place for whale watching. Whale watching tours run the gamut from the more adventurous kayak expeditions and seaplane charters to relaxing sunset tours on chartered cruisers – there about a hundred and one ways to say hello to the orcas.

Pair it with: Garlicane. The high will hit you hard at first and will melt into a tingly body sensation that will leave you feeling energetic and most importantly happy. We’re pretty sure seeing a whale will achieve this naturally but just in case.

Same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide

Ready to get out there and explore the city? Before you leave, you’ll need some weed – remember Black Rabbit’s online dispensary does same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide. See you down the rabbit hole!

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