Top 5 Montreal Restaurants for When you Have the Munchies

Annnnnnd we’re back with another “Top 5 Places to Eat When you Have the Munchies” and today we’re eating our way through the diverse and delicious Montreal, Canada. Will there be poutine? Absolutely, but also expect some of the best Thai food outside of Thailand, perfect sesame bagels and super slurp worthy hand pulled noodles.

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photo via @pumpuimontreal

Do not take this lightly when we say this is some of the best Thai food out of Thailand and maybe one of the best meals you’ll have in Montreal. Pumpui is barely a restaurant with its super limited seating but everything and we mean EVERYTHING is delicious. There are a few permanent menu items like the Pad Thai and the crispy chicken wings with the sweet chili sauce and the Pad Pak Ruammit (assorted veg sauteed with crispy pork) but they also have weekly special creamy and fragrant curries and other Thai delicacies. The best part? The portions are generous so you’ll always have leftovers.

Our Pick: Absolutely every single thing is delicious but if we had to pick, go with the Pork Pad Krapao (pork stir fry with holy basil). It’s spicy, it’s crispy and there’s a runny egg – there is truly nothing better.

Nouilles de Lan Zhou

Screen Shot 2022 01 04 at 11.14.06 PM
photo via Nouilles De Lan Zhou

Nouilles de Lan Zhou used to legitimately be a hole in the wall. We’re talking, the entire restaurant fit inside the tiny entry way to a grocery store. They have since expanded but you can always expect a line up – don’t fret, the line always goes fast and it’s definitely worth the wait. Nouilles de Lan Zhou specializes in hand pulled noodles in a beefy, hearty broth. The noodles are hand pulled onsite (you can hear the slapping while you slurp) and with every dish you can choose your noodle thickness. The portions are beyond generous AND it’s extremely affordable too. Everything on the menu is extremely comforting no matter the season so make sure to arrive hungry.

Our pick: The beef noodle soup with a noodle thickness of 4 – perfect for the little bit of bite and chew you expect from hand pulled noodles.

Orange Julep

Screen Shot 2022 01 04 at 11.06.09 PM
photo via @gibeauorangejulep

The Julep is a Montreal icon in its own right and it’s been around since 1930. Enter the city and you can’t miss the bright orange dome that houses the legendary creamy Julep and a veeeeeery wide assortment of greasy delights. Think triple cheeseburgers, pogos, grilled cheese sammies and poutine with the squeakiest cheese curds.

Our Pick: The 2 Michigan’s which are essentially two chilli dogs with the butteriest buns you will ever get your hands on.

St-Viateur Bagels

photo via @stviateurbagel

Who has the best bagels in Montreal is a point of controversy between Montrealer’s but in our opinion, it’s St-Viateur. The flagship location is open until midnight daily and the speed and grace to which they pump out soft, chewy and warm sesame seed bagels (their speciality) is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. On the weekends, Montrealer’s will line up to get their brown bag bagel dozens and some (ahem, me) will stand the street corner ripping through two bagels and some cream cheese.

Our Pick: The sesame bagel, all day. They’ve got other options, think rosemary and sea salt or cinnamon and raisin but truly, the sesame is all you will ever need.


Screen Shot 2022 01 05 at 3.28.12 AM edited
photo via @restaurantlexpress

The quintessential French bistro, L’Express is a little more refined than the others on this list but if your munchies lead you in the direction of super rich French classics – think bone marrow and creamy chicken liver pate, then look no further.

Our Pick: Well really, everyone’s pick is the hangar steak with shallot butter and fries. This is the best steak frites in the city, we mean it. It’s always cooked to perfection and it’s always served with a side of crunchy baby pickles and mustard. Do not sleep on the pickles and mustard.

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