Top 5 Mississauga Restaurants For When You Have The Munchies

Black Rabbit has got you covered when it comes to your online dispensary needs, including Mississauga where you can buy weed online and we’ll have it to you with same day delivery, in 90 minutes or less. But what happens when your weekly THC delivery arrives, you start going in on your stash, and now you have the munchies? Maybe nothing in the fridge is doing it for you and you need some inspiration. Read our round up below for some of the best local restaurants to check out in Mississauga when you need something to munch on stat.


Lezzet Shawarma Falafel House

The shawarma options in Mississauga are wide and if you ask any Sauga native what their favourite shawarma joint is, chances are you’ll get a different answer from everyone. We like Lezzet’s because their meats are always perfectly seasoned, the meat to rice/fries ratio is spot on and their garlic sauce is truly something else. Our pick: Chicken shawarma plate.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

If you’re looking for comfort food, specifically Korean comfort food, then Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (say that three times fast) is definitely worth a try. They accommodate different spice levels; their tofu is just the right amount of soft and silky and their selection of banchan (Korean side dishes) are delicious. Our pick: Tofu soup with purple rice and kimchi.

Shandra’s Roti Shop

Not dissimilar to the “best shawarma in Mississauga” debate, ask a Sauga resident where they get their jerk chicken and chances are no three answers will be the same. We love Shandra’s because the chicken itself is insanely juicy and the seasoning perfectly coats the chicken skin and deliciously marinades the chicken underneath. Give their famous hot sauce a try if you like things really really spicy. Our pick: Jerk chicken with oxtail.

Ghost Chicken

A good quality chicken sammie is hard to come by no matter where you live but Ghost Chicken gets it right every single time. The menu is small but mighty, the ingredients are always premium, and the flavours are fresh, fiery and inventive. Our pick: OG and Nashville chicken sandwich, fries, slaw and mac salad.

Luca Pizza

You’d be surprised how hard it is to find a good, basic pepperoni pizza. If you’re a pizza purist and you care about quality ingredients, deliciously tart tomato sauce, fat pepperoni slices and perfect, not too doughy pizza crust, then hit up Luca Pizza. Shout out to JP’s, another Mississauga pizza veteran and Luca’s cousin. Our pick: the classic pepperoni pizza.

Now that we’ve given you some delicious inspiration, support your local Mississauga restaurants and we’ll see you down the rabbit hole!


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