Top 4 Cannabis Influencers You’ll Want to Follow

Influencers come in many different flavours and styles, much like the strain selection in Black Rabbit’s online weed shop. You probably follow at least one influencer in an industry you’re passionate about, whether it’s for travel, fitness, or even food. But do you follow any cannabis online influencers? We’ve put together a list of Canadian cannabis influencers you’ll want to follow and some of them are from our very own GTA cities. From journeys to wellbeing, to UFC vets, these influencers’ unique stories might be one’s you can relate to. Keep reading to see how cannabis helped changed their lives for the better and if you’re feeling extra inspired, remember you can order weed online for same day delivery or weed delivery Canada-wide at


1. Antuanette Gomez, Instagram: @antuanetteg

If you’ve ever been curious about how cannabis can help with your sexual health, Antuanette is someone you’ll want to follow. She’s been featured in Forbes and VICE –  this Forbes article “The Young Entrepreneur at the Intersection of Weed and Sexual Health” is a great read for an intro into Antuanette.

It all started when she first became a holistic nutritionist which ultimately led her to discover the magical healing powers of cannabis. While working with patients who struggled with health issues such as chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, and various forms of cancer, she found herself taking a closer look at the healthcare system to see what was working and what wasn’t. It was here when she realized that more work needed to be done to help women.

“Women have been suffering in silence for too long due to the stigma surrounding women’s sexual health and pleasure.”

Antunatte was quick to recognize how common it was for women to experience sexual pain and the lack of resources and options to help treat it. As a result, this Torontonian go-getter is now the CEO and founder of Pleasure Peaks which is a women’s sexual health brand that offers mentorship and consultation services to companies who want to join her on the mission. Pleasure Peak’s mission is to provide women with easier access to high quality natural products that have their health and interest at heart.

2. Jacqui Childs, Instagram @JacquiChilds Twitter: @JacquiChilds

Jacqui Childs wears many hats: international best-selling author, cannabis ambassador, actress, and more. It was a hard-fought journey for her to get to where she is today. A few years ago, Jacqui was struggling with substance abuse that was brought on by needing medication for Crohn’s disease, anxiety, and depression. After her in-laws recommended CBD as an alternative, her life turned around. She began to share her journey online and found that many people shared the same struggles and were inspired by her openness. She is currently working on a partnership with and is a co-host of the podcast “The Green Room”.

Jacqui is a strong believer in the healing powers of cannabis and believes we need to come together as a country to help save our men, women, and children who are needlessly suffering. Here’s a snippet from an interview with Authority Magazine.

What are your thoughts about federal legalization of cannabis? If you could speak to your Senator, what would be your most persuasive argument regarding why they should or should not pursue federal legalization?

Cannabis is a plant. We have an opioid crisis. We have men women and children dying of diseases and addictions, while we debate this issue. We also have our sons and daughters dying in prisons because of their involvement in cannabis.

If you know you have the answer to save lives and end needless suffering WHY are we still debating this issue? We desperately need to come together on this as one nation and one world. It’s a plant.

The importance of mental health has come to the forefront in light of the pandemic. If you’re feeling anxious from COVID, make sure you check out our blog post on Cannabis and COVID-19 Anxiety.

3. Elias Theodorou, Instagram: @eliastheodorou

Fists up, this UFC Middleweight fighter is the world’s first cannabis sanctioned pro athlete. Being the first Canadian to claim the title “the Ultimate Fighter” on UFC’s reality TV competition, Theodorou was granted a therapeutic use exemption for medical cannabis in competition. This means he’s permitted to use cannabis as medicine while training without the risk of being penalized or barred from the competition.

After an accident that broke his hand in more than one place, Theodorou suffers from nerve damage in his upper extremities. He believes that the negative stigma around cannabis is simply just an outdated mindset and is fighting — no pun intended — to change this. If you’re an athlete or looking for ways to incorporate cannabis into your active lifestyle, read our recent post on the benefits of cannabis and exercise.

4. Adam Greenblatt, Instagram @a.gblatt TikTok @weedpro

With almost 60K followers on TikTok, Adam is gaining momentum on the viral app by educating his followers with bite sized videos on all thing’s cannabis. Some of his TikTok videos have over a million views with his super engaged audience asking all kinds of questions from “Does holding in the smoke make a big difference?” to “What about dabs?”. His calm and casual voice coupled with his laid back demeanor allows his audience to feel comfortable and curious while he drops cannabis knowledge on them. If you have any burning questions for his weed chat, he has a Q&A section on his channel. Adam resides in Montreal, Quebec and is a self-taught advocate for safe access to medical cannabis and sensible drug policy reform.

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