The History of 420

Happy 420 week Black Rabbit fam! In celebration of the biggest “holiday” in cannabis culture, we thought we’d break down other, lesser known weed “holidays” while giving you a little insight into the history of 420 itself.

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420: April 20th

Why is 420 weed day you ask? There are a lot of origin stories behind 420 but did you know the most famous day in cannabis culture started with a group of students in California in the 1970’s?

Back in 1971, a group of rag tag students who called themselves the Waldo’s went in search of an abandoned cannabis crop with the help of a treasure map – legend has it the original owner of the crop left the kids the map himself. Once a week, the Waldo’s would meet after practice (all of them were athletes) and search Point Reyes Forest for the free cannabis treasure. Their meeting time? 4:20pm. Each day the Waldo’s were meant to look for the crop, they’d yell each other reminders in the hallways to meet at 4:20 – and the rest is history.

Jack Herer Day: June 18th

Jack Herer often affectionally known as the “Emperor of Hemp” was one of the most influential  cannabis activists in the 20th century. Herer authored, The Emperor Wore No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana a work of fiction which has frequently been cited in the movement for decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis. June 18th was Jack’s birthday.

710 – Oils and Concentrates Day: July 10th

710 is also known as Dab Day and celebrates cannabis oils and concentrates. If straight bud isn’t your thing and you’re partial to shatter, hash or diamonds, celebrate 710 with Black Rabbit’s finest concentrates – heck, why wait until July?

Observe the Victims of Prohibition Day: October 5th

A day in honour of the individuals who were causalities on the war on drugs. Some backstory – on October 2nd, 1937 the United States introduced the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act outlawing cannabis. On October 5th, just three days later, Samuel R. Caldwell and Moses Baca were the first US citizens convicted of selling and possessing cannabis.

The Other Cannabis “Holidays”

  • CBD for Pets Day: April 11th
  • Sativa Day: May 7th
  • CBD Day: August 8th
  • International Hemp Day: August 17th
  • Worldwide Shatter Day: September 4th
  • World Cannabis Activism Day: September 24th
  • Hashish Day: November 12th
  • Green Wednesday: November 24th
  • Indica Day: December 8th

How to Order

As you can see, there’s no shortage of reasons to celebrate cannabis and cannabis culture. If you don’t need any of the holidays above to enjoy your favourite bud and just feel inspired to light one up, order weed today through Black Rabbit’s same day weed delivery service and mail order marijuana Canada-wide program – here’s how to do it.

1. Browse the Shop

Peruse our menus and if something catches your eye, we list strain properties and flavour notes so you’ll get a sense of exactly what you’re in for. 

2. Place Your Order

Once your cart is ready to go, proceed to check out. If it’s your first time with us, you’ll need to sign up for a Black Rabbit account, so we have your information on file – it won’t take any time at all!

3. Wait for Delivery

Once your order is placed, Black Rabbit weed delivery will deliver your goods within 90 minutes of order confirmation. If we need a little more time to get to you, we’ll notify you via text.

Black Rabbit’s first Rabbit Fest is live between 04/14 – 04/20. Don’t forget to check out our deals page for more details!

See you down the rabbit hole!

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