The Black Rabbit Holiday High

Earlier this month, the Black Rabbit team partnered with the epicurean masterminds behind The Nomad Cook for an intimate, cannabis infused dining experience to ring in the holidays. Read on for a recap of how a few lucky members of the Black Rabbit Crew in Edmonton were wined and dined. FOMO hitting you hard? Well a THC delivery of some of Black Rabbit’s premium cannabis can help with that so check out our online dispensary for same day weed delivery in the GTA and weed delivery Canada wide through our mail order marijuana program.

Meet The Nomad Cook

The Nomad Cook is comprised of a collective of chefs who all share the common goal of helping introduce the masses to the newest frontier in the culinary world – cannabis infused dining. With a recipe methodology that promotes the original terpene profile (aromatic oils that colour cannabis assortments with a distinctive flavour like citrus, berry, mint, and pine) of the strain used in each dish, cannabis truly takes centre stage in a safe and elevated dining experience that breaks stigmas around cannabis and food.

Founded by Vancouverite and MasterChef Canada alum, Travis Petersen, The Nomad Cook found its focus in the culinary cannabis space through pop up dining experiences hosted around Canada and parts of the US, serving over 4500 people along the way. Through The Nomad Cook, its collective of chefs and through experiential and thoughtful events, Petersen aims to create an industry standard for techniques, terminology and safety procedures to guide other chefs towards accurate and responsible dosing.

The Black Rabbit Holiday High


From December 8th – 13th Black Rabbit partnered with The Nomad Cook for the Holiday High pop up dinner series in Edmonton, AB. Each guest enjoyed a five course meal that was completely tailored and dosed according to individual tolerance level.

Lead by The Nomad Cook – Chef Kwin, guests indulged in smoked salmon pate on butter crusted rye and deboned quail stuffed with duck confit and jus while enjoying the sonic musings of Jodie B Music.

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The Nomad Cook Experience

Looking to expand your cannabis culinary horizon? The Nomad Cook team hosts pop up dinners around Canada so look out for an event near you. Prefer a more private experience? They do that too so make sure to check out their site for all the ways you can partake in a truly one of a kind cannabis infused dining experience.

Same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide

Okay so maybe given the current state of things, you’d prefer to enjoy your cannabis the traditional way, through a joint and in the comfort of your own home, that’s cool too. Don’t forget Black Rabbit’s got you covered with same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide, just follow these easy steps.

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Peruse the menus in our online dispensary and if something catches your eye, we list strain properties and flavour notes, so you’ll get a sense of exactly what you’re in for. 

Place your Order

Once your cart is ready to go, proceed to check out. If it’s your first time with us, you’ll need to sign up for a Black Rabbit account, so we have your information on file – it won’t take any time at all!

Wait for Delivery

Once your order is placed, Black Rabbit weed delivery will deliver your goods within 90 minutes of order confirmation. If we need a little more time to get to you, we’ll notify you via text.

See you down the rabbit hole!

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