The Basics: What is Hash?

You’ve heard about hash but maybe you’ve never tried hash. If you’re looking to expand your ever growing cannabis culture horizon, then Black Rabbit’s online dispensary has got you covered with same day delivery or mail order hash, Canada-wide.

But before you add to cart, let’s first dig into what hash actual is, its origins and how it varies from marijuana.

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What is Hash?

A few weeks ago we learned about trichomes. As a refresher, they are small hairs or fine outgrowths on plants. “Trichomes” originates from a Greek word that means “hair.” They are not only found in cannabis, but in many plants like algae, lichen, and certain protists. They can look like little hairs, glandular, scales, and papillae. The large collection of trichomes found on cannabis plants are known to produce cannabinoids (like THC and CBD), flavonoids, and terpenes that make the variety of different cannabis strains unique and dynamic.

Essentially, hash is a concentrated form of cannabis and traditionally was made by rubbing cannabis flowers between the hands until all the trichomes separated and formed a layer of by-product. This by-product is malleable enough to roll into a ball, form into a brick or smoke.

Hash or “hashish” originates from the Arabic language and translates to “grass.” It’s believed that hash originated around 900 AD and since then has made its way into European medicine at the turn of 19th century and it was even outlawed during the US prohibition of cannabis in the early 20th century.

Types of Hash

There are two main types of hash: Dry Sift Hash and Ice Water Hash. Dry Sift Hash sees the flower/bud transferred onto a screen sieve and moved/pressed delicately around the screen sieve either by hand or through machine assistance, until the trichomes are separated from the plant materials.

Ice Water Hash submerges bags of flower in ice water or combines dry ice and the flower/bud into a bag and the super cold temperatures, along with the friction cause by shaking the bag will separate the trichomes from their stalks.

Marijuana vs. Hash, What’s the Difference?

Marijuana is essentially the plant material derived from the cannabis plant while hash comes from the trichomes from the flowers of the cannabis plant. Hash, like daily marijuana, is consumed orally – either through smoking, dabbing or through food.

While the effects of smoking each vary slightly this is mostly due to strain type – the experience will be more or less similar since both contain THC.  But because hash is basically just the trichomes extracted from the plant (minus the extra plant material that might have made its way into the hash based on extraction) and trichomes produce the cannabinoids like THC that are responsible for those psychoactive effects – the effects of hash are much stronger than marijuana.

Hash varies in consistency (soft and malleable) and in colour (could be red, yellow, green, black, brown) but like marijuana it can be infused into cooking since its soluble in fats (pairs well with baked goods – hash edibles anyone?).

How to Store your Hash

Important thing to note here, when it comes to extractions like hash, anything above room temperature (and even this is tricky) may cause your hash to become too sticky, too gooey and overall challenging to work with. You also run the risk of making the hash less potent since terpenes can evaporate at room temp. It’s best for hash to be stored in the fridge or the freezer to maintain the quality and potency.   

Same Day Weed Delivery and Weed Delivery Canada Wide

Maybe you’ve never tried has but now you know the basics – here’s your chance to study this concentrate even further. Check out Black Rabbit’s hash assortment here and order for same day weed delivery or weed delivery Canada-wide. Buy hash online in Canada with confidence at Black Rabbit. Our BR favourites are the sweet and earthy Afghan Juliet and the extremely potent but smooth Lebanese Red Hash.

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