The Basics: What are Trichomes?

Here at Black Rabbit, we’re not just an online dispensary, we strive to share our knowledge of the ins and outs of marijuana, while offering you the best weed delivery in Canada. Learning more about cannabis can help you better understand and ultimately grasp the complex science behind this remarkable plant. Not only will we help you increase your appreciation for cannabis, but we also offer you same-day weed delivery in Toronto and 15 other areas in the GTA and mail order marijuana too.

Whether you are familiar with cannabis or just learning about it, you’ve probably noticed the tiny frost-like particles that seem to cover the leaves and buds. They tend to be sticky and carry the most incredible, distinct scent. As you look closer, this sugary crystal-like substance is actually of a crowd of trichomes.

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Now, here are 4 things to know about trichomes:

1. What are trichomes?

The very definition of a trichome is small hairs or fine outgrowths on plants. It originates from a Greek word that means “hair.” They are not only found in cannabis, but in many plants like algae, lichen, and certain protists. They can look like little hairs, glandular, scales, and papillae. The large collection of trichomes found on cannabis plant are known to produce cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that make the variety of different cannabis strains unique and dynamic. They also contain THC, CBD, and other medicinal cannabinoids.

2. What do trichomes do?

Trichomes have multiple different functions and uses! The frosty look to trichomes literally help keep frost away from the leaf cells. They can also help in preventing against water loss in changes of the atmospheric temperatures, like strong winds and heat. In many instances, trichomes protect the plants organs from herbivorous insects that might feed off them and other environmental dangers by secreting essential oils that often provide a specific odor. The secreted oils result in a bitter taste and strong odor that is not pleasing to its predators. Trichomes are also known for reducing evaporation in extreme heat and repelling frost from harsh winters. We all know what that’s like in Canada, but don’t worry! We provide you with an online access dispensary Canada-wide, so you can get your favourite strains no matter the weather.

3. Do trichomes get you high?

To put it simply, the answer is yes! As mentioned before, trichomes contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Certain THC dominant strains of concentrated trichomes can get you extremely high! If you’re looking for that high right now, don’t forget we do same day weed delivery Canada-wide.

4. The different types of trichomes

Although there are many varieties of trichomes, there are three that are most common in cannabis plants.

Bulbous trichomes:

Bulbous tend to the smallest of trichomes and they appear on the surface of the entire plant and can be difficult to see. They can range from 10-15 micrometers wide, which is a fraction of the largest trichome.

Capitate sessile trichomes:

Capitate sessile are the medium-sized glands that tends to populate the cannabis more densely that bulbous trichomes. They range around 20-30 micrometers wide but are definitely not as abundant as the final category of trichome.

Capitate-stalked trichomes:

Capitate-stalked are the largest trichomes and most common of the bunch! They can range from 50-100 micrometers wide and unlike the other two trichomes, these can be seen with the naked eye!

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