The Basics: What are Flavonoids?

Okay so maybe you’re planning your weekly THC delivery and you open up your stash to see what you need to stock up on and the delicious smell of cannabis takes over your senses. Ever wonder what’s responsible for the aroma and flavour of weed? The answer is the chemical compound flavonoid and below we’re breaking down everything you need to know about it. Fair warning that after reading this, what you’ll learn about all the benefits of flavonoids will have you wanting to experience them first hand so don’t forget we do same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide which means you can get smoking asap.

What are flavonoids?

In previous posts, we’ve covered the basics for some of the major compounds in the cannabis plant including cannabinoids (naturally occurring chemical compounds found in and secreted by cannabis flowers that have psychoactive effects) and terpenes (the aromatic oils that colour cannabis assortments with a distinctive flavour like citrus, berry, mint, and pine). Today we’re covering the perhaps lesser known but equally as important bioactive compound – flavonoids.

Not unique to the cannabis plant, flavonoids are secondary metabolites found naturally in almost every plant species (i.e. fruits, herbs and vegetables) but also in plant by-products such as wine and chocolate. There are 8000 varieties of flavonoids but 20 varietals have been discovered in the cannabis plant – those specific to the cannabis plant are known as cannaflavins.

Like terpenes, flavonoids contribute to how we perceive cannabis through our senses via taste and smell. One of their other primary functions is to provide colour pigmentation, in fact the word “flavonoid” originates from the Latin word “flavus” referencing the colour yellow.

Flavonoids are also crucial in the growth process of cannabis plants and are responsible for things like cell cycle progression and protection against ultraviolet radiation, bacteria and pests.

Therapeutic benefits

Similar again to terpenes, which therapeutic benefits include boosting immunity, providing relief for anxiety and alleviating inflammation or pain, flavonoids have a stack of health benefits that come with consumption. Take for example, the flavonoid cnnaflavin A which has anti-inflammatory properties or flavonoid quercetin (found in kale, apples, red onions)and kaempferol which have anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

These therapeutic benefits are triggered in the endocannabinoid system (a complex communications system found in the brain and body that is capable of interacting with compounds found in the cannabis plant) when flavonoids work with cannabinoids and terpenes through the entourage effect – a phenomenon that looks at the synergy that takes place when compounds like cannabinoids work together with terpenes and flavonoids to provide specific health benefits. Since every strain contains a different combination of these compounds, the entourage effect encourages different medicinal and psychoactive effects.

How to Order

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