The Basics: Joints, Spliffs & Blunts

What’s in a joint? Or a spliff, or a blunt for that matter? Essentially, what sets each apart is their cannabis to tobacco ratio as well as the rolling material used. Today we break down the exact distinctions between the three dry smoking methods and close out the post with a refresher on how to roll a joint.

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Perhaps the most recognized and iconic way to consume cannabis is the joint. Joints contain cannabis only and the bud is rolled up inside thin rolling paper or cigarette paper. Rolling paper is usually white but can also come in an assortment of colours and flavours.

In terms of anatomy, joints will have a crutch or a filter which allows the smoker to enjoy their bud to the very end without running the risk of burning their fingers.


Spliffs are essentially identical to joints but with the addition of tobacco. The ratio of cannabis to tobacco is based on smoker preference and like joints, spliffs have crutches/filters. If you like the dual experience of cannabinoids and nicotine, then spliffs are the way to go.


Similar to joints, blunts only contain cannabis but instead of regular rolling or cigarette paper, the cannabis is rolled inside a cigar or blunt wrap. These wraps are made with tobacco so expect that added hit or buzz of nicotine – they’re also thicker so the burn is slower. Thanks to the wrapping paper, blunts can hold more weed than joints and spliffs and are therefore larger and can last longer – great for sharing pre-COVID times.

How to Roll a Joint

If you’re new to cannabis, now you know the basic differences between a joint, spliff and blunt and you can try your hand with rolling your own joint by following the steps below. Want the convenience of a smoke and go experience? We’ve got you covered there too with our pre-rolls and Baxter Pre-Rolled Blunts.

Step 1: Assemble your rolling supplies

Here’s what you need:

  • Weed strain of your choice
  • Rolling paper
  • Filter paper – something firm yet malleable enough that you can manipulate it into a cylindrical form
  • Poker – a pen or a similar object to pack the joint
  • Card
  • Grinder

Step 2: Break up your flower

Load your grinder with your bud of choice then twist and grind until the flower is a uniform consistency. Make sure to pick out the stems before grinding your cannabis and remember not to overfill your grinder or to grind your bud too small.

Step 3: Make the filter/crutch

A filter prevents fingers and lips from getting burnt and ensures flower won’t fall into your mouth. Use any thin cardboard like material, something like a business card is perfect. Rolling paper often includes filter paper in their packaging as well.

Make thin accordion folds with the paper to make a “W” and tightly roll the rest of the paper to create a cylinder. Set aside.

Step 4: Load and roll

Take your ground up bud and use your card to position the weed for its placement within the joint.

Take and hold the paper horizontally in your palm with the glue side on top facing you. Place your filter at the end of the paper (typically left side for right handed people, right side for left handed).

Fill the rolling paper with the ground up flower from your card. Using your index fingers and thumbs gently pinch the top of the paper and roll back and forth until you start to form a cone – try to keep the filter end tight and it’s okay if the rest of the joint is a bit loose at this point.

Next, make a fold covering the weed you just shaped, making it snug (too tight and the bud might be too compressed and you might not be able to pull properly, you want good airflow) until you get to the glue of the paper. Once you get to the glue, lick starting from the centre of the joint to one end then repeat for the other half, fold and seal.

Step 5: Pack and twist

By this step, bud has likely escaped your joint so gather the stragglers, and lightly pack down the overflow with your poker of choice.

To finish it off, pinch the paper at the top of your joint to make sure it’s even on all sides, then twist.

Step 6: Enjoy

Light the twist and only pull once the flame hits the bud part of the joint.

Same Day Weed Delivery and Weed Delivery Canada Wide

All this joint talk probably has you jonesing for one right about now so don’t forget you can get everything you need through Black Rabbit’s online dispensary with same day delivery or through our mail order marijuana program. See you down the rabbit hole!

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