The Basics: Best Practices When Buying CBD Cream in Canada

Many people assume that CBD oil is only meant to be ingested or inhaled, but this actually isn’t the case. Using topicals like CBD cream is another effective way to use your cannabidiol, especially if you’re suffering from surface-level pain or ailments of the skin.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the basics of where to buy CBD Cream in Canada, and important things to consider before making your purchase.


5 Best Practices for Buying CBD Cream

1.   Know What You’re Buying

Whenever you make a purchase, you should always do some research on the product. This is especially the case for buying CBD creams.

There are many different types of CBD topicals out there, and the results you’ll see depend on a few things, like:

  • How the hemp was grown
  • How the CBD was extracted

All CBD is extracted from parts of the hemp plant. The quality of the plant ultimately determines the quality of the cream you’re using. If you’re shopping for CBD in Canada, try to find hemp that was sourced domestically or from the US. Also, confirm that the hemp was grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides; these harmful toxins can leach into the final CBD products.

For the extraction process, there are many different methods used in 2021. Two of the most common include CO2 extraction and butane extraction. The CO2 extraction method is a better choice since it’s a natural process that doesn’t use harsh chemicals.

2.   Compare Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum

Two phrases you’ll often come across when shopping for CBD cream are broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Before you buy, it’s very important that you know the difference between them.

Full-spectrum CBD contains several naturally occurring compounds found within the plant. This includes THC (up to 0.3%). Broad-spectrum CBD is completely free of THC.

There is no right or wrong option when deciding between full or broad spectrum. Some people prefer full-spectrum CBD creams because THC comes with its own set of benefits. However, if you prefer no THC in your CBD topical, go with a broad-spectrum cream instead.

3.   Consider Buying CBD Cream Online

There are plenty of retail shops selling CBD creams on their shelves such as Keoni CBD topicals – you can even find it in gas stations! Even though many retail products are high in quality, the better option in Canada is to buy CBD cream online.

Shopping for CBD products online means that you’ll have access to a wider variety of products. You’ll also be able to check out more reviews and ratings. Plus, the prices tend to be much cheaper because online dispensaries don’t have as many overhead costs.

You can also get same-day CBD delivery in the Greater Toronto Area from dispensaries such as Black Rabbit. You will find a wide selection of CBD items, including CBD creams and topicals.

4.   Check for Third-Party Testing

Always, always check to make sure the CBD cream you’re about to buy has third-party testing results.

This means that the product has undergone testing by an unbiased, unaffiliated lab testing facility. These tests show exactly what the product contains. They tell you whether or not a CBD cream contains harmful ingredients, like heavy metals or pesticides.

This is yet another reason to purchase your CBD cream online. It’s much easier to find out whether a product has been tested by a third party when shopping online rather than a retail store.

5.   Choose a Product That Fits Your Personal Needs

There are many different reasons to start using a CBD cream. Maybe you’re trying to alleviate joint pain from arthritis. Perhaps you want relief from your ongoing eczema symptoms. Or maybe you just want your skin to have a healthier glow.

Whatever your reason, make sure to pick a CBD cream that fits your personal needs. The product should have clear labeling that states what its main uses are. For instance, if you want relief from joint pain, look for a cream that is marketed as promoting healthy joints.

CBD Cream FAQs

How does topical CBD work?

CBD topicals are applied directly to the skin and are designed to target problem areas relating to the skin, joints, and muscles. Once rubbed evenly into the skin, the CBD that’s infused in the cream, salve, or balm works by directly affecting the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS for short).

We won’t get into all the science behind it; all you need to know is that the ECS is linked to everything in our body. This includes the outer layer of our skin. So when CBD comes in contact with our skin, the cannabinoids contained within it (CBD in particular) link on to receptors in the ECS to alleviate inflammation.

What are the main benefits of using CBD?

Speaking of alleviating inflammation, that’s the main benefit of using CBD. Inflammation is the culprit for many health issues, including pain, joint issues, skin irritation, and more.

Since CBD can reduce your inflammation, it can also help to reduce pain, skin problems (like eczema, rosacea, etc.), joint issues, and muscle tenderness.

Is CBD completely legal in Canada?

Yes, CBD oil is 100% legal throughout all of Canada. Since the passing of the Canada Act in 2018, CBD (and marijuana in general) is now legal for medical and recreational use.

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