The Basics: A Guide to Sex and Weed

In past “The Basics” posts, we’ve tackled questions like “how to make weed butter” and “how long does weed last” and even “how to make weed cookies.” Today however, we’re tackling how cannabis can better your sex life.

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Cannabis and Sexual Dysfunction

According to Harvard MD, Dr. Jordan Tishler, the most common sexual dysfunctions in men are low libido, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with the first being the most common between the three. For women, it’s low libido and quality and frequency of orgasm. So how can the consumption of cannabis help with these dysfunctions? Cannabis can make consumers feel more present and aware of their bodies, everything is enhanced.

This also explains why the drunk sex and high sex experiences feel a bit different. Alcohol is a depressant, so it dulls sensations (we don’t want that). When you also opt for a joint instead of a bottle, chances are you’ll be more aware and stay more aware during the entire experience. There’s also less risk of memory impairment and poor judgement and essentially no risk of an unwanted hangover the next day.

Cannabis and Chronic Pain

Millions of Canadians suffer from chronic pain and in addition to how chronic pain can contribute to a low libido, certain sexual positions can be challenging, uncomfortable or straight up painful. Cannabis is constantly used as a pain remedy for varying ailments so it only makes sense that incorporating cannabis into a solo or partnered sex experience can enhance every sensorial element of sex. From touch to a decrease in pain and let’s not forget, an increase pleasure.

For the over 50 crowd, aging bodies deal with pain, even if not chronic and avoiding pain or injury is key. A little assistance before (a toke or two), during (cannabis topicals anyone?) or after (topicals again for those joints) a naked horizontal tango can and will help.

THC vs. CBD for Sex

Effects of CBD potent strains tend to skew less on the euphoria spectrum so a hit or two prior to the act to loosen you up or even as a post recovery puff are good options. THC on the other hand really ignites that mental and physical shift so opting for a high THC average strain will really take the mental and psychical experience to another level.  

We have definitely said this a few times here but starting low and going slow dosage wise will really help you curate your sexual experience. Dosage will vary person to person and a little too much marijuana may have you couch locked or will have your heart pounding. Too little and you may not notice any difference. The trick is to experiment with different strains and different doses – you can never do too many tests 😉.

The Best Strains for Sex

Biscotti OG – A doughy, sugary and dense delight that will make you hungry in more ways than one. Biscotti OG’s relaxing body high will leave your senses heightened in no time.

Biscotti 2 edited

Mad Cap – A solid option if you suffer from chronic pain. Kill two birds with one stone through this earthy and spicy indica hybrid that will rid you off pain and leave you all tingly.

Mad Cap 2 edited

Black Rabbit’s assortment of edibles are a great alternative to smoking flower if you and your partner don’t mind taking it slow since edibles are a little trickier to gauge for when the high will kick in. 

Same Day Weed Delivery and Weed Delivery Canada Wide

Let’s say that after reading this you’re stoked that you’ve found another way to incorporate weed smart into other parts of your life and you’re excited to give the bedroom rodeo a go while under the influence of cannabis. We are here to help you – we only want the best for our Black Rabbit crew. So if you need help getting the banana peeled or the bean waxed, just remember, Black Rabbit has same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide. Or you can try sexual enhancement pills such as those from SmartED. See you down the rabbit hole!

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