The Basics: A Guide to a Focused High

Here at Black Rabbit, we make it easy for you to get what you’re looking for with our online dispensary, including when you need a little help harnessing the power of productivity and clarity. We offer same-day weed delivery in Toronto (and neighbouring GTA areas) or same day weed delivery Canada-wide. Not to mention, we have become your go-to for understanding the complexities behind the majestic marijuana plant.

A 2010 Harvard University study revealed that most people spend 47% of their time thinking of something other than what they’re doing. So, how can you avoid going down a rabbit hole and focus on the task at hand? The answer is cannabis.

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An unusual way cannabis can help you focus

Although research is limited, a few cases show that THC could have positive effects on attention-deficit disorder (ADD). The results generally show that cannabis could mitigate problem with inattention and lead to higher levels of productivity. According to Metro, a German study revealed 22 out of 30 patients “elected to discontinue their prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and continue solely with the medicinal cannabis because they reported to have improved concentration and reduced impulsivity.” Although, there is no major scientific research to back this, the continuous reports of individuals who feel more attentive and focus after consuming cannabis continue to increase. 

Another great benefit of marijuana is that it can help eases discomfort. Think about it. Have you ever had a distracting throbbing pain that takes your mind away from enjoying or focusing on whatever you’re doing? One way to get your mind on track is to reduce or even eliminate the mental energy used to battle feelings of discomfort and allow your mind to concentrate in ways you never could before.  A study showed that more than 62% of individuals used marijuana to treat chronic pain. Black Rabbit offers more than just flower and edibles. We also have our MOTA Green Balm that is meant to treat arthritis, muscle pain, and eczema. Get it the same day you order it with our same-day weed delivery!

What strains are best for productivity?

Whether you consider yourself a stoner or you’re new to weed, the effects of marijuana are widely known for its large spectrum that ranges from giggles to a soothing calm. Understanding strains will help guide you through finding your perfect, focused high.

Let’s start with the basics. When it comes to marijuana, most often strains are sorted into two main groups: Indica and Sativa. To keep it simple, indica strains are known to cause a “body high” while sativa strains provide a “mind high.”

With this is mind, how do you know which strain to use? Well, that depends on what your personal needs are.

If you’re feeling sluggish and need a mental boost, especially after that cup of coffee didn’t work, opt in for a sativa strain. If your mind is racing and you need to find a little calm, try an indica strain to help mellow you out, but keeping your mind sharp. Of course, there are hybrids of indica/sativa that can give you the best of both worlds, which may be perfect for you.

Here are some suggestions!

Sophie’s Breath for the Sweet Creatives

If you’re doing some design work or picking up a new COVID hobby, this one is for you. This sativa hybrid strain has a sweet, fruity taste that’ll bring your creativity up a notch. Sophie will help you feel berry energized, focused, and ready to finish your art project.

First Class Funk for a Clear Mind

Foggy brain? Not on this flight. Let’s get down to business with this indica hybrid strain. It has an earthy, mushroom aroma with an herbal, fruity taste. It’ll help clear your mind to invite an uplifting feeling and enhance your level of focus to get those reports done. Welcome aboard! You’re now flying first class.

Rare Earth for Balance

Looking for some cerebral activation? Well look no further. It is lemony, earthy, and has hints of mint in its aroma. This flower will leave you with a clear head and feeling balanced making it perfect for an afternoon high. This indica hybrid will help calm your racing mind, but not leave you on the couch, so you can be productive with whatever you’ve got going on.

Test it out with same-day weed delivery Canada-wide

If you’re ready to experiment with how cannabis can help you focus, you’ll need some flower and Black Rabbit’s premium online dispensary can help! Same-day weed delivery in Toronto and GTA is what we do best. Live somewhere else? Don’t worry, mail order marijuana Canada-wide.  No “bunny” compares to our service!

If you’re looking for a playlist to get you in a focused mood, check out our TREELAX playlist on Spotify or down below!

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