How to Share Weed During COVID-19

Remember the days when you could hang with a group of friends, light a few of joints, SHARE a couple of bong hits and not worry about being two meters apart? Those were the days. 420 is coming up and while thanks to the rise of the online dispensary and Black Rabbit offering same-day weed delivery and mail order weed delivery, accessing premium marijuana isn’t an issue, but the act of sharing and enjoying weed with other cannabis connoisseurs has become a lot harder. Although nothing can really replicate the feeling of a long, leisurely smoking session with a group of your best buds, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can still share and enjoy weed with friends in the time of COVID-19.

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The Great Edible Bake-Off

Have a group of friends that appreciate bud AND baked goods? Why not try an edible exchange? The rules are simple, everyone makes a cannabis infused baked treat and everyone does a classic porch drop off and includes the recipe in the goodie package. The best part? Everyone gets to test out their new pandemic cooking/baking skills, everyone gets a solid stash of sweet cannabis nibbles and everyone gets a new edible recipe. If you’ve always wondered about how to make weed brownies, now is the time to experiment. P.s. If you’re not so great in the kitchen, check out Black Rabbit’s assortment of edibles that you can totally pass off as your own.

Mail Order Marijuana

Let’s say you’re in Toronto and through Black Rabbit’s same day weed delivery, you recently smoked and loved a strain you think a buddy in Vancouver will really enjoy. Why not send them a mail order marijuana package with those strains to let them know you’re thinking of them? Who doesn’t get a small rush when opening up good old fashion snail mail? Imagine the rush when it’s a beautifully packaged box of Black Rabbit’s best.

A smoking session but make it Zoom

Hopefully Zoom fatigue isn’t a thing when marijuana is involved. Pick a date, time, bring your bud and vessel of choice and do what you would normally do if the session was in person. Herb hour is the new cocktail hour.

Take a hike!

The weather is getting warmer and if you’re looking to take in some fresh air and admire some scenery why not try a socially distanced hike with a friend? A toke or two (don’t go too crazy, safety first!) of your bud of choice with your buddy of choice can really enhance the hiking experience. Remember it’s still a pandemic after all so definitely don’t be sharing a joint and make sure to blow your smoke away from your friend.

How to order

Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to share weed (or at least a weed experience) with friends near and far, you’re going to need some bud stat. Here’s a refresher for how to order weed through Black Rabbit’s same day weed delivery service and mail order marijuana Canada-wide program.

1. Browse the Shop

Peruse our menus and if something catches your eye, we list strain properties and flavour notes so you’ll get a sense of exactly what you’re in for. 

2. Place your Order

Once your cart is ready to go, proceed to check out. If it’s your first time with us, you’ll need to sign up for a Black Rabbit account, so we have your information on file – it won’t take any time at all!

3. Wait for Delivery

Once your order is placed, Black Rabbit weed delivery will deliver your goods within 90 minutes of order confirmation. If we need a little more time to get to you, we’ll notify you via text.

See you down the rabbit hole!

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