Careers in the Cannabis Industry

Do you ever find yourself perusing Black Rabbit’s online dispensary, getting yourself sorted for your weekly weed delivery and then start to wonder about the cannabis industry as a whole? Maybe you’re curious about the process for harvesting marijuana or you want to know more about the journey from extraction to retail. Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in Canada and in certain states in the US, the cannabis industry is booming and rapidly innovating. According to and a study from cannabis research group New Frontier Data, the cannabis industry is expected to grow by 14% with sales reaching $30 billion by 2025. A booming industry means the need for thousands of job so today we’re covering just a handful of careers that can be found in the cannabis industry.


Cultivation Director: the primary role of the cultivation director is to ensure the production of cannabis is state and federally compliant. Cultivation directors oversee the growing operation/operating procedures, they create harvesting schedules and manage teams to ensure production leads to premium cannabis.

Master Grower: what’s a successful cannabis industry without healthy marijuana plants? A master grower manages everything that has to do with the growth operations including but not limited to planting, crop nutrition, pest control. Have a background in horticulture or botany? This could be right up your alley.

Trimmer: looking to get started in the cannabis cultivation sector? Becoming a trimmer is a great in and is the most common entry-level avenue into marijuana farming. Trimmer tasks run the gamut from removing buds from harvested plants to drying bud in preparation for sale. We highly suggest you have a natural affinity for gardening if you’re considering this for a career.

Concentrates Extraction Technician: Once marijuana plants are grown and harvested and a portion of the plant is sold as flower, the rest of the plant is sent off to cannabis extraction production labs – think oils and tinctures. Concentrate extraction technicians often have a background in chemistry (maybe even a PHD) and their primary role is to extract THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to create therapeutic and safe concentrates. As the popularity of concentrates continue to rise given the benefits to medical cannabis patients, it’s another area within the cannabis industry that will continue to thrive.

Cannabis Consultant: consulting in general can be quite lucrative and couple that with an industry experiencing as much growth as the cannabis industry and you’ve got yourself quite the niche speciality. Cannabis consultants can advise on national and regional cannabis regulations and how that impacts those looking to start a business. Looking to start a brick and mortar dispensary or even an online dispensary? Cannabis consultants can help with developing business models, obtaining licenses, finding premium locations etc.

Budtenders (aka actual cannabis connoisseurs): often found in brick and mortar dispensaries, budtenders have an extensive knowledge of strains and effects and can make curated recommendations based on your needs and wants.

Edibles Chef: marijuana edibles chefs are on the rise thanks to their ability to not only create delicious food but also because of their ability to safely and effectively infuse marijuana into dishes that make for a pleasurable and flavour packed experience. Some chefs focus primarily on sweets and baked goods, but others have expanded into full culinary experiences that explore that savoury side to cannabis edibles. Virtual cannabis cooking class anyone?

If any of the above jobs have piqued your interest and you want to find out more about possible careers in the cannabis industry, sites like and are great resources for finding various cannabis related gigs.

Same Day Weed Delivery and Weed Delivery Canada-Wide

If after reading the above, you think you’ll stick to your day job and getting your weekly weed delivery is as far as you’ll go, that’s cool too – just remember Black Rabbit does same day weed delivery in Toronto and weed delivery Canada-wide. See you down the rabbit hole!

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