Black Rabbit’s Holiday Gift Guide

The countdown to the holiday’s is officially on and if you’re anything like us and have not started your holiday shopping, allow us to do the thinking for you. Black Rabbit’s online dispensary has everything from premium cannabis to psilocybin and delectable edibles, shopping for your loved ones is just a matter of tacking on some additional treats to your weekly THC delivery order. Friendly reminder that Black Rabbit does same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide which means these gifts, come to you – what more could you want? Read on for Black Rabbit’s official holiday gift guide and hoppy shopping!



A superb stocking stuffer for any gummy enthusiast, Wonderland is a line of premium confections crafted from only the finest Canadian flower. Ingredients are handpicked and high-quality to produce a premium distillate whose potent concentrate is free from synthetics. Go on a creamy, citrusy, tropical trip with mango, or try the deliciously juicy wildberry (it’s like you picked the berries yourself) or give Blue Raspberry Blast a go – they taste and burst just like Gushers, the nostalgic sweet treat from your childhood dreams, but in adult form.



Know someone big on mushrooms and a fan of microdosing? Why not get them a couple bottles of Reservoir – a medicinal mushroom based line of supplements and functional foods aimed at optimizing health and empowering minds. There’s Expand – featuring 200mg of Organic Golden Teacher mushrooms with benefits including improved mood balance, increased creativity, improved energy. Focus features 100mg of Organic Golden Teacher mushrooms and 100mg of Organic Lion’s Mane mushroom and helps with mental clarity, focus and memory. Lastly there’s Immunity which helps promote and support the immune system through 100mg of Organic Golden Teacher mushrooms, 50mg of Organic ginger, and 50mg of Organic turmeric.

Elements Vape Kit


Have a loved one who’s canna-curious but looking for something discrete? The Elements Vape Kit is sleek, reusable and are produced with a high quality, clean, solvent-free distillate. In every gram of Elements premium cannabis oil there’s 100% isolated cannabinoids and they’re completely free of additives. Available in 10 different strains, it’s the perfect way to start exploring with cannabis.

MOTA CBD Pet Tincture


Did you know CBD is safe for pets too? Multiple studies have explained that the endocannabinoid system – to which CBD reacts – is present in both the human and animal bodies. As with humans, CBD can help reduce stress for pets (for those furry friends with separation anxiety) and may minimize the risk of seizures and epilepsy. Another big bonus? A tincture may relieve pain and inflammation since pets, especially dogs, are known to develop arthritis, nerve-related pains, and other inflammatory injuries. If you want to know more about all the ways CBD can help your pets, read out blog post here.

The Black Rabbit Tote Bag


Because who doesn’t love a tote bag that’s perfect for carrying all your Black Rabbit prezzies in?

How to order

Okay now that you’ve got all your holiday shopping sorted, check out our online dispensary and order today for same day weed delivery. Don’t live in the GTA? We’ve got mail order marijuana too and you can order in just three easy steps.

Browse the Shop

Peruse the menus in our online dispensary and if something catches your eye, we list strain properties and flavour notes, so you’ll get a sense of exactly what you’re in for. 

Place your Order

Once your cart is ready to go, proceed to check out. If it’s your first time with us, you’ll need to sign up for a Black Rabbit account, so we have your information on file – it won’t take any time at all!

Wait for Delivery

Once your order is placed, Black Rabbit weed delivery will deliver your goods within 90 minutes of order confirmation. If we need a little more time to get to you, we’ll notify you via text.

See you down the rabbit hole!

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