8 Celeb Cannabis Connoisseurs

The legalization of cannabis in North America has come a long way and in large part, thanks to the work of activists and celebs alike, propelling forward the positive narrative around the normalization of weed. In the past we’ve covered 5 Prominent Women in Weed and 5 Canadian Cannabis Activists You Should Know About and today we’re covering eight celebs who’s involvement and investments in the cannabis industry have contributed to giving the cannabis space a mainstream image boost.

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Tommy Chong

One half of the goofy yet extremely charismatic duo Cheech & Chong, Tommy Chong has been a key advocate in destigmatizing cannabis in the United States. He’s also the founder of Tommy Chong’s Cannabis, a line of cannabis products that include everything from pre-rolls, cannabis infused honey, THC strips and full spectrum elixirs.

Seth Rogen

A usual suspect in the celebrity cannabis space, Rogen recently launched Houseplant a cannabis retail brand (a decade in the making) that offers all the weed that Rogen loves from leading cultivators around California. If the weed and spot on millennial aesthetic of the Houseplant brand doesn’t grab you, their line of elevated, modern and beautifully crafted weed complementary housewares might.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Goop founder and queen of the jade egg has extended her empire to include cannabis beverages. GP has her hands in Cann – a brand of “social tonics” infused with THC and targeted towards health conscious consumers.

Wiz Khalifa

What started out as a strain developed and tailored specifically for Wiz, Khalifa Kush flower started with distribution at Tryke’s Reef Dispensaries and has evolved into a line of pre-rolls, rolling paper and apparel.

Mike Tyson

The former boxing champ/ear biter/consumer of psychedelic toad venom is the proud owner of budding cannabis empire, Tyson Ranch. The 420-acre cannabis-themed adult ranch is used for cultivating weed and new strains but it’s also home to a dispensary, amphitheater, edibles factory and actual camping grounds.


In 2019, Jigga was appointed the Chief Brand Strategist for Calvia a California based cannabis company founded in 2015. In 2020, he took on the role of Chief Visionary Officer during Calvia’s merger with TCPO Holding Corp. Also in 2020, Jay launched Monogram, a luxury cannabis brand with a line of signature, proprietary strains and pre-roll packs.

Travis Barker

The Blink 182 drummer has been very vocal on his use of CBD to help combat insomnia, injuries and stress from touring. From this came Barker Wellness – a wellness line of premium THC-free, cannabinoid infused vegan products. From sleeping tinctures, to pain relief balms and sustainable hoodies, the all-natural, cruelty free company targets specific ailments and has become an Instagram favourite.

Carlos Santana

The guitar legend is behind the cannabis line Mirayo. The Mirayo brand and its flower is based on three categories of consciousness, Radiance (which expands energy outward, reaching for divine wisdom and inspiring creative expression), Symmetry (harmonizes the inward and outward, mind and body, for elevated perception) and Centered (prioritizes inner peace, insightful stillness and transcendence of the physical state). Santana has been quoted as advocating for cannabis use as a “door to divine wisdom” and we’re kinda really into that.

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