4 Things to Keep in Mind if You Want to Make Your Weed Last Longer

So, you’ve just received your online weed order and you want to make it last as long as possible. Since Black Rabbit offers same day delivery and mail order marijuana Canada-wide, I usually order weed online once a week but for the rest of you who want to take your time with it, we got you. Like most things, your favourite cannabis products are best when kept in a cool, dark place away from moisture, heat, and light. How long does weed last you ask? While there is no exact expiration date for cannabis, if done properly, it can last up to 12 months before it starts to lose its magic powers. There are four main components when it comes to storing weed that will help you extend its life so that it can keep its shape, flavour, potency, and smell.


Like our skin (or anything left outside for too long), having your cannabis products exposed to light is the quickest way to age it. According to a 1970 study conducted at the University of London published in the journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, “exposure to light (not direct sunlight) was shown to be the greatest single factor in loss of cannabinoids”. Do you wear sunscreen daily (if you don’t, you should totally start)? Sunscreen helps filter Ultraviolet rays, which plays a part in the deterioration of your skin but also in our case, cannabis products. There’s a reason why our jars are amber in colour. 😎


Air. Tight. Container.

The smaller the container, the better it will be at reducing the amount of air inside. Of course, there will be some oxygen that makes its way into the jar after you first open it but if you can keep that jar sealed and tight, you’re golden. Also reducing the number of times, you open the jar helps as well.


Temperature plays a critical role in effectively storing your weed, as it affects the freshness of it since warm air holds more moisture than cold air. Mold and mildew thrive in high temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius combined with high humidity so the ideal temperature to store your weed is below 24 degrees Celsius. You’ll also want to avoid storing your weed containers above or around electronics or appliances that give off heat like the cupboard above the refrigerator.


Too much moisture can lead to mold and nobody needs that in their life. With that being said, too little humidity in your weed’s container can break down the terpenes and cannabinoids in the trichomes which will dry out the product. If only there was a way to regulate moisture inside the jars to achieve and maintain the precise relative humidity (RH) of 58% … oh wait, there is! Included in every Black Rabbit purchase is a Boveda pack, which “creates a shield over the trichome to protect the terpenes from evaporation.” The shield also helps preserve the fragrant aroma of the weed so you can continue to enjoy your big whiff every time you open the jar.

What if my weed is “starting to go bad?

Is your bud starting to look yellow? Or maybe it’s super dry or crumbly? Is there browning near the stem? These are all signs that your weed is starting to go bad. Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do so that no bud is left behind! Try turning it into a butter or incorporate it into your food. Check out Emily Kyle’s blog post to learn how you can make the most of your cannabis pulp with your recipes – who doesn’t love weed cookies! Another idea is to start collecting your smorgasbord of leftover bud for your rainy-day stash. You never know when you’ll need it (when you missed last call to buy weed online for same day delivery). Don’t forget to throw in a Boveda pack from previous orders!

Some do’s and don’ts


  • Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place
  • Store in neutral or amber coloured containers
  • Use products like Boveda packs to regulate RH levels
  • Vacuum seal jars and containers to minimize oxygen exposure
  • Separate strains to maintain individual flavour

Do not:

  • Store in the refrigerator
  • Store in cheap plastic bags or containers
  • Store above or around electronics or appliances that give off heat
  • Store grinders, pipes, or other paraphernalia with our cannabis. The ash and resin from burnt cannabis will linger and stink the joint up
  • Stress too much about it. The quicker you smoke it, the less of a chance it has to go bad

What about storing edibles or concentrates?

Products infused with cannabis, like edibles and other perishables, will have different guidelines on how to effectively store them so please refer to any additional instructions like the expiration date. Tinctures and concentrates can also experience deteriorating and degrading based on what we’ve outlined in this article so the rule of thumb should always be a sealed container in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Weed delivery Canada-wide

Ready to put your new-found knowledge to the test and see how long you can effectively store your weed for? Black Rabbit has got you covered with same day weed delivery in Toronto and 15 other regions within the GTA. Don’t forget, we recently launched weed delivery Canada-wide with our new mail order program! See you down the rabbit hole.

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