4 Innovations in Home Growing Tech

Here at Black Rabbit, we continue to expand our collection of the ins and outs of marijuana, while offering you the best online dispensary with same-day weed delivery or mail orders across Canada. Learning more about cannabis can help you better understand and ultimately grasp the complex science behind this remarkable plant. Not only will we help you increase your appreciation for cannabis, but we are thrilled to offer you same-day delivery for all your weed needs in Toronto and 15 other areas in the GTA.

Since marijuana was legalized for recreational use in Canada in October 2018, the demand for weed has been growing rapidly. The number of cannabis dispensaries being developed, not just in Canada, but worldwide is increasing exponentially. Grand View Research released a report that said that the global cannabis cultivation market size was at $123 billion (USD) in 2019 and is expected to grow each year at 14.3% until 2027. With this growth comes innovation for cultivation and harvesting from the cannabis dispensary level to growing cannabis yourself.

The Grand View Research elaborates on the reason for the growth in the global cannabis market. It’s due to the legalization and adoption of weed to help treat chronic diseases and for various medical purposes. In other words, not every use of marijuana is to get you high. To learn more about that, click here!

Cannabis technology has grown with the industry from tiny dispensaries to farming drones. Recently, ZenaDrone launched a drone that will be “a workhorse for hemp farms” to aid in control the population of male and female cannabis plants and protect the plants from wildlife. Pretty incredible.

However, you probably don’t need a drone for your cultivation needs in Canada.

4 Innovations in Home Growing Tech

The world has come a long way when it comes to growing cannabis yourself. It started with LED lighting to reduce heat generation and optimize cannabinoid profiles. Now, technology has gone so far as to help major pharmaceutical companies enhance their growth of the cannabis plant. This tech has trickled its way down to the home growing stage and thank goodness for that!

The Armoire

Discreetly growing cannabis in your home has become more popular with the recent legalization of recreational weed. You know how there are cat litter boxes disguised as furniture? Well, that concept now exists within the realm of cannabis growing – introducing The Armoire by the Green Goddess Supply. It’s a minimalist, modern looking armoire that’s complete with a bio chamber kit essentially growing your flower for you.


Canadian startup Grobo created a home growing system that takes out all the guesswork. It has an automated growing system within its design, so for those who don’t have a green thumb, it’s easy as pie.

SuperStar Smart Grow Box

SuperStar Smart Grow Box is a hydroponic system that combines both a top feed watering system and a bottom feed oxygenation. It looks just like a locker and has a door locking mechanism, so your stash stays your stash.


This is the most expensive automated cannabis growing system on the market. The LEAF home kit uses an app to control and automate the growing process. It includes an HD camera, toolbox, LED lights, water sensing and exchanging cartridges, and air control, nutrient system.

Take it easy. Get it delivered!

Whether you’re intrigued by growing your own cannabis plant or just interested in getting a stellar high, we’ve got your back. We offer a variety of flower, oils, topicals, and edibles. The best part? You can get it the same day without you having to get up! Fill up your cart and we’ll take it from there!

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