3 Video Games to Play While High

Allow us to preface this post by saying the following aren’t actual reviews of video games – you can hit up IGN for that. Think of it more as commentary from one cannabis user who happens to enjoy a few hours of escapism and some button smashing. If lighting up and sitting yourself in front of a telly for a few hours sounds like your thing, read on – we’ve paired each game with a Black Rabbit strain and friendly reminder that Black Rabbit does same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide.

Super Mario Odyssey
Available On : Nintendo Switch

This game is a DELIGHT. Super Mario Odyssey was initially released in 2017 but something I only discovered in April of 2020 (aka peak pandemic) and let me tell you, the joy it brought during an especially uncertain time was truly a lovely distraction. I need to be honest here, it was the first real Mario game I had ever played and between dealing with Bowser’s shit and chasing him around a universe with kingdoms made up of mountains of cheese (Luncheon Kingdom, we wish you were real) and trying to outswim a giant octopus dressed in Victorian era garb, I was bummed that I had discovered the Mario universe so late in life. If you want some classic, wholesome fun, Super Mario Odyssey won’t disappoint.

Our Black Rabbit strain pairing: Banana Punch. This indica hybrid has a slow build and will have you totally focused and happy, just what you would want for a game like this.

Available On : PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Be warned, Detention is a horror adventure game which usually aren’t my thing (because why would anyone purposely subject themselves to terror) but the game was on sale and I didn’t have much to do (this was also a peak pandemic purchase). The game is in 2D and set in 1960’s Taiwan in a school which just happens to be located in a remote, mountainous area. The school is cursed, and you’re trapped trying to escape ghosts, evil creatures and other paranormal mysteries. There are lots of dark corridors, an eerily empty gymnasium save one other student who may or may not be from the past and lots of literal ghost writing on chalkboards. I lasted a solid 20 minutes before the anticipation of encountering another paranormal being became too much but if you like horror then this game is for you.

Our Black Rabbit strain pairing: Mandalorian. This hybrid is calming and uplifting and you definitely need to be calm and uplifted to get through this game.

Overcooked! 2
Available On : PlayStation 5 and 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Overcooked! 2 is technically a family friendly game but I have made enemies with every single person I have played this game with. It’s a cooperative game which sees up to four players preparing and cooking orders in creative, albeit highly stressful restaurant environments. Someone chops, someone cooks the rice but you also have to plate the food, wash the dishes while trying not to burn a single thing. It’s fast paced, it’s high stress and for those who I’ve partnered with and they couldn’t keep up, well they’ve been excommunicated. Don’t let the cute characters fool you, this game is the perfect example of survival of the fittest, things WILL get heated, (bad) words will be said and friendships lost. Happy chopping!

Our Black Rabbit strain pairing: Violator because this indica hybrid will make you happy and hungry and so will this game.

Same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada Wide

If you’re itching to get playing, we highly recommend taking a gander through Black Rabbit’s online dispensary because there’s truly nothing like chasing Princess Peach around the world or running away from paranormal beings under the influence. Check out our shops and stock up for same day weed delivery and weed delivery Canada wide. Happy gaming!

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